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my first body piercing, I want more!

I'd wanted my belly button pierced since one of my best friends had it done when I was about 12. I kept asking my parents but it was no all the way. Even the 'but all my friends have got it done and I'm the odd one out' line just didn't seem to work. I met my boyfriend when I was 16 and he thought it looked good too, but I still thought my parents wouldn't agree. My 17th birthday came and went, and I still wanted it done, so I decided to ask once more, this time, they said yes! I was so amazed, I called my boyfriend straight away to tell him and as he lives in Nottingham, he told me he knew a great place, Bodycraft in the city centre, so the next time I was up there, we went up to the studio when we were out shopping. I was quite excited at this stage, I was finally allowed the piercing I had wanted for so many years!

I walked in and saw 2 big guys having tattoos done and walked up to the reception desk, to ask if they could fit me in, they could and told me for a plain banana bar it would be £25, which I thought was great. I filled in the form they have to give you, signed it, paid upfront and then sat down clenching my boyfriend's hand, waiting for my name to be called out. A girl in front was having her ears done and then it was my turn, I was slightly nervous, as it was my first body piercing, I have my ears done twice but body piercings just seemed to be a lot different and a lot scarier.

In no time at all the woman who was going to pierce me called me into the room, I left my boyfriend in the waiting room and followed her down the corridor. I glanced into the tattoo studio bit and saw one of the big guys grimacing with pain, it made me more nervous. We walked into the room and I was told to lift up my top. She cleaned my belly button (which I assure you feels really strange, letting someone else clean it for you!) We laughed about it and then I laid down on the black, doctor's type table. She marked it out with the infamous purple pen which never seems to come off and then got me to check in the mirror that it was the right placing, which of course it was. As she prepared to pierce me, I gazed up at the ceiling and saw loads of different sized needles, all in sterile packaging, hanging there, some of them I was glad I wouldn't be having, they were enormous, looked like something that would be used to pierce an elephant if anything! She clamped it, which people seem to hype up, it didn't feel uncomfortable at all, and then all I felt was a little pressure as the needle went in. I was scared at first as she told me she wasn't going to numb the area, but in hindsight she didn't need to, it didn't hurt a bit; I was just being a coward! The jewellery was a little uncomfortable when she inserted it, as the bit on the top of the bar where the ball screws on got caught on the skin at the top, but nothing too bad. I looked in the mirror and there it was, my first body piercing. It looked so amazing, I fell in love with it straight away!

She went through the cleaning procedure and covered it with a white gauze, to stop it getting infected or knocked whilst I was out shopping in town. Then I walked out into the sitting area, found my boyfriend and grinned at him, I had finally had it done! Even he thinks it looks fantastic and has since bought me about 6 new belly bars!

Three months on, it's totally fine, I haven't really had any problems with it, only when I catch it but it is totally worth it, and there are some amazing bars to choose from once it has healed! If you are thinking about it, just do it, trust me it is so easily done and is over with in about 10 minutes, then you have a fantastic piercing. It's easy to cover up too if you are going out anywhere posh, but it looks great when you go on holiday and wear a bikini or a short t-shirt! And another bonus, people find it easier buying presents for you!

I'm hooked now, I want more body piercings! I'm researching tongue piercings and other, hmm how can I put this, intimate piercings on here now, so watch this space!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: can%27t+remember
Studio: bodycraft
Location: Nottingham

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