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my first navel piercing! (more to come)

I've always liked the look of navel piercings, I can't remember seeing one for the first time but I remember always thinking they looked ace whenever I saw them and it was always something I thought I would get in the future, I just never thought about it that much.

I'm pretty much a complete wimp with pain, before my navel piercing I'd already chickened out of getting my ears pierced when I was younger and I only got them done last year.(when i was 15) Once my boyfriend and his mum finally persuaded me to get them done and I found out that after six years of being terrified of piercing it wasn't that bad and in fact, I didn't even feel them being pierced. But anyway, thats completely irrelevant!

My mum was fine about me getting my ears done seeing as it was such a popular piercing, but I think she was relieved that I was so scared about it because it meant I wouldn't want anything else pierced. That pretty much went straight out of the window.

Since getting my ears done id been having a really big urge to get something else pierced; and I decided on my navel. I asked around at school and everyone that had had it done convinced me that it didn't hurt and that I should go for it. So after a lot of researching on the internet, I found the BME site and the more stories I read and pictures I saw, the more convinced I was that I wanted to get it done. I did a lot of research on infections and rejecting, and what is normal for it to do while it is healing (i got worried when i first saw the crusties) and i was prepared for it to reject and for me to have to pierce it again. I was slightly worried about bringing it up with my mum but she was surprisingly ok with it, which surprised me after she had previously told me I couldn't get it done until I was 16.

The day finally came round when we were all free and had decided what we wanted to get pierced. So after picking up a friend for moral support we headed off into new revolution. My boyfriend went in first to have a second eyebrow piercing, and while he was in there I started to get pre-piercing nerves and started feeling dizzy and sick. I was still convinced I wanted to get it done though and after about 5 minutes he was done and I was called in to the piercing room. The guy who did it was really nice (phwoar!) and he made me feel a lot more comfortable and confident than I had been 5 minutes beforehand. He handed me a few sealed packets with barbells in and I chose a silver one with a plain silvery gem. (I would have preferred one without a gem but I will just buy one once it has healed). I didn't look round too much because I was scared of seeing the needle which would have probably made me nervous and back out, but I noticed that everything was extremely clean and all the equipment I saw was sterile and wrapped up.

He took a lot of care when marking me up, checking and double checking with another piercer to make sure it was straight. When we were both happy with it, I lie down on the dentist-type chair thing and put my friend's I-pod in my ears. Loud. The numbing spray he put on it was the worst part because it was so cold, and I didn't even feel the clamps even though everyone says they really hurt. I watched him numb and clamp it, but then I felt the nerves start again so I looked away for the actual piercing. About 3 seconds later, I thought he was still placing the clamps when he said 'was that okay?' and I looked down to see that it was done! I honestly did not feel a single thing, the jewellery insertion was painless and the only time I felt any pain afterwards was when it started to sting very slightly about 3 hours afterwards, and when my dog jumps up at me and drags her claws over it.

Other than that, it was a great experience for my first proper piercing, and I am now going back to new revolution for every piercing I get. For the piercing and the barbell for it, it only cost me £15 which i was really happy with as i expected it to be a lot more expensive! I plan to get several cartilage piercings after this, some more navel work and after that, who knows.

For aftercare, i did two salt baths on it a day and cleaned it with antibacterial soap when i am in the shower. I find that cleaning it too much iritates it, and now it has healed more i only do the salt baths every other day. I think that different methods work for different people, but mine seems to be healing fine. Make sure you dry it properly after cleaning it, and remove any crusties with a cotton bud.

Happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Location: Scunthorpe

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