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Learn from my mistakes!

I had my navel pierced approximately 6 months ago, in December 06, at Primitive by Idil. I shall spare you the usual stuff about parents, but most importantly, I would recommend would-be-piercees to do their homework! Having surfed on the Internet for about 2 months leading to the piercing to check on other's experiences, I thought I knew everything there was to know about piercing, but I was very very wrong.

Well, the piercing process went quite alright. Idil had the jewelery sterilized, had a single use needle, had gloves on. Since all the tools were on his tray, he didnt change gloves, which was fine by me.

He drew the dots, had me check them, then swabbed me down. The adrenaline rush kept me from feeling the pain too much, but not totally: the clamps didnt hurt at all, but the needle provided 2 of the most painful seconds of my life. It was bearable though, no screaming or crying involved. What was most reassuring was how Idil kept me distracted from the coming pain. He answered all my questions knowledgably, and even asked me some questions. His 3 lip piercings provided me with some entertainment too, as I mused over getting snakebites like his.

My problems started after the piercing, and they were all created by me.

MISTAKE ONE: I only did saline soaks for a grand total of THRICE in 4 months. As the swelling appeared to go down after about a week, I couldnt be bothered with time-consuming soaks and went for the LITHA method. Not too sure if this is really a mistake, but the following ones certainly are.

MISTAKE TWO: The day after I had my piercing done, my grandfather passed away. The Chinese-style funeral meant that my hygiene went down low-unacceptable for a fresh piercing. Gosh, I feel incredibly stupid now.

MISTAKE THREE: Irritation sucks. I bent down alot. Repeat: alot. I sat hunched over very frequently, and the top bead would poke out over the flesh, and the bottom entry hole got pretty irritated. My school uniform also caught on it very frequently, but I couldnt put a plaster or bandage over it because removal would cause tugging to the surrounding flesh. I also slept on my front. Argh.

MISTAKE FOUR: Dirty hands must be kept away from the piercing. After about 2 and a half months, I developed the habit of playing with the barbell, taking it out and putting it back before the fistula was fully formed. Also, I would pick at the crusties when they were still dry.

These mistakes led to irritation and migration of the piercing. It became shallower at first (about 2-2.5months), and I'm not too sure if it was due to migration or initial shallow placement. But the "excess" barbell allowed it to turn about, and somehow, it turned to the right all the time. I thought nothing of it at first, until the top bead started migrating to the right.

The at first smooth and no-redness-or-swelling top entry hole now had a angry, purplish bit of skin that looked like a blow-out. Also, now that the piercing had migrated, I couldnt turn it back to the central placement. This happened at about 3 or 3.5 months. Another reason for the top entry hole's irritation was at I had to carry percussion instruments and long benches frequently (twice or more weekly) for band practices. These would rest against my abdomen, and tug at the barbell even though I tried to keep it at a minimum. The shallower piercing had most of the barbell's weight resting on the top, and this also contributed to the irritation.

In short, my piercing was doomed. Frustrated by the "blow-out" and how the piercing had turned to one side, further revealing the "blow-out", I removed the barbell at 4 months and allowed the piercing to close. Within 12 hours, the fistula had closed up completely. While I was really sad about its demise, letting it heal over was probably the best I could have done. Daily applications of emu oil over the next 2 months helped the "blow-out" subside and now it is only a flat brown mark over my navel.

I hope everyone who reads this learns from my mistakes. Although I had done some research on piercing, and this helped me in some ways, laziness and lack of self control contributed to the loss of my piercing. While I'm not sure about how saline soaks helped piercings or my piercing's shallow placement, I recommend Primitive and Idil as he had made me feel safe and reassured. Emu oil really helps with piercings and healing of skin, but dont apply it right after piercing. You should apply it about 5 days after piercing, and continue for everyday thereafter. I'll be pursuing my navel piercing again, once my schedule allows me to take care of it properly (O levels now), and a tragus piercing is in the works.

Happy piercing! I swear, its really addictive. :D


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Idil
Studio: Primitive+Arts
Location: Singapore%2C+Far+East+Plaza

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