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I'm number one! - My inverse navel

There's some back story to this one; I had wanted something else since the VCH a couple of years back. I wanted something that would be easy to hide if required, but that was a little more socially acceptable to show off than the VCH itself. Hah. I decided that somewhere around the navel was by best bet, and the other half suggested that an inverse might suit me.

Inverse eh? That sounds a little more "out there" than the trillions of fourteen year olds that had a standard one done a couple of years back. Not that I'm particularly bothered about what other people have, but it's nice to maintain a little amount of originality; especially when some girls around here appear to have been born with navel rings...(!)

My housemate and I were sitting in the living room one day when she was musing upon a nose piercing. Knowing that she's afraid of the dentist made it easy for me to formulate a plan whereby SHE decided whether I got pierced or not [as I always over-analyse and umm and ahh and never get anything done in the end]. So I said "right. You get your nose done, and I'll get my inverse done." Deal. I underestimated her nerve; we were booked in within 24 hours.

My piercers [formerly Bodz in the Lewis's Building, Liverpool] had recently been forced to relocate to Chester, and had noted their intentions to open on Saturday 26th May. Of course, with building work it's always difficult to pinpoint your finish time, so I had sortof left my inverse up to fate. Apparently it was going to be a busy day since lots of people wanted to be the first in the new studio, so we booked in for 3 to avoid a rush.

It had been a long day to start off with. I had had a relatively uneventful blatt down the motorway from my short post exams getaway, and made it into Chester in good time. Only to promptly lock my car keys IN my sodding car. Stress. Hate self, cry a bit, call VW and renew cover etc etc. RIGHT, now I can go and get a hole punched into me. I'm SO in a relaxed enough mood for that.

When I got to the new studio [which, may I say, looks pretty spanky] I sank into the leather settee and recounted how utterly horrifying my lack of common sense is [not to mention the automatic lock mechanism on VW boots]. Carl, Shirley and co sympathised [and probably had a small giggle at how utterly daft I am] and set about telling me what's what about their new place and giving me the form to read, fill in and sign. They're absolutely lovely people. I defy you to be left uneasy after talking to them.

So, piercing, yes. Carl had a peek at my tummy button, and said it was okay for me to go for the inverse, which I had set my heart on by now so I was really relieved. I trotted into the new piercing room [which is again green, which is ace because whilst it's quite clinical, it's very calming], stood up for some marking, said goodbye to my tummy as I knew it, and sat up on the bed. We had some mild amusement when Carl, not quite used to getting around the new studio got a bit disorientated and knocked part of the castor off the trolley, but other than that, no drama.

Apart from drama that I invented in my head of course. I got nervous, voiced said nervousness and wanted Shirley in there too. She obliged and held my horribly sweaty hand throughout - I wouldn't hold my hand, so she's a saint. Carl gently clamped the area [gently being the operative word here] and got me to do some deep breathing; in through the nose..out through the.hang on...I can see a needle. I'm on to you mister, [in through the nose..] you're going to poke that through when I least expect..[out through the mouth]..OH!! In. Through. Slight twingey, hot feeling and the tube is in. Once again I am mad at myself for making a fuss over a pinch. Then the clamps were off and "the worst was over."

I'm not even exaggerating. I am the most flappy person when it comes to stuff like this, and yet I am so calmed by these guys, even when they've got needles near my skin.

Carl was midway through putting the jewellery in [and taking the tube out] when I was still doing mad breathing, causing him to lose a bit of grip on the jewellery. I heard him say "Now, that's it...oh wait, no it's not. Might have to put the tube back in" to which I politely replied "Oh shit."

Not to worry though, he managed to pick it [the barbell] back up and get it through [and painlessly at that]. Phew. All that was left to do now was screw the ball in [which, naturally, matches my VCH ;)]

God it's pretty, I mused as I looked in the mirror. Everyone commented on how it was a much better choice than a standard navel, so I was feeling all smug and stuff. Now it was my housemate's turn to get pierced, but not before a clear second skin was placed over my tummy button and my aftercare sheet and explanation was given. Not forgetting the most important part; my sticker and lollipop. The best thing I got though, was the snippet of information that it was infact ME who got to be the first pierced in the new studio. That gave me some warm fuzzies. I'm a little piece of Bodz history, and very, very proud.

So after all of that stress and umming and ahhing, I finally am the proud owner of a dead cute 14ga curved barbell in my inverse. Hurrah. Even the other half approves today, since it was obscured yesterday by the bellybutton sweat that accumulated on the second skin dressing... [Yes, I'm gross] He was funny though, "oh well it'll be great when all of that bruising goes..." "Err, baby, that's the purple markings" "ohhhh". Bless him.

Today the morning after the day before, it feels a little sore, but not noticeably so. I took care not to sleep on it or prod it viciously so I don't expect mad pain. It looks happy in itself too. I think this is my last piercing for a while at least, but I tell you what, it's fantastic. Anyone who, like me, is ridiculously indecisive should just shut the brain up and bite the bullet. Good luck!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Carl
Studio: The+Piercing+Bodz
Location: Chester

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