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Horizontal Sub-navel

Yesterday I had my first ever surface piercing done. Aside from that I've got two lobe piercings, one helix, my nostril, and navel. So, I didn't really have any idea what I was in for pain wise.

The first time I ventured to Surfers Paradise (which is crammed with piercing and tattoo studios) I had no luck finding someone prepared to do a surface piercing. They either didn't have the equipment, the experience, a piercer in on that day, or had a problem with my age (I'm fourteen).

I went again the next weekend and at Off Ya Tree I met Gary. He had eight years of piercing experience, and used surface bars, which was what I'd wanted. He answered all my questions and really seemed to know what he was talking about. Gary said that he'd pierce me, but didn't have any surface bars on that day. I left with only a business card and the promise that next Saturday would be the day.

The next Saturday I made sure to wear a fairly loose top so that it wouldn't rub against the piercing. I also went out and bought some gum to try and have something to keep my mind off the pain (although it didn't really work). My mum and I drove to Surfers and I only started to get nervous when we were about 5 or 10 minutes away. I'd spent weeks reading these experiences on BME with people claiming it "didn't hurt at all" and others that "it was the most painful thing they ever experienced".

We arrived at Off Ya Tree and I saw Gary at the counter. I'd called in the day before to tell him when I'd be coming in so that he'd have the jewellery ready and everything. We filled out the forms and he explained the aftercare of the piercing to me. We walked into the piercing room and I knew there was no way I could turn back now.

Gary spent about 10 or so minutes getting the markings right, making sure it was absolutely straight and matched up with my navel ring. I was very surprised to find that I wasn't nervous at all anymore, even when I lay down on the table and prepared for the pain. I wanted to watch, but it was a very uncomfortable position, so I had to lie down flat. Gary was great, he told me when he was going to start and when to breathe.

It didn't hurt as much as I'd expected at all. It was extremely bearable, even though I could feel the needle travelling under the surface of my skin. The second half hurt more for some reason. After that, I got to look at the plastic tube going through my belly. I was much less scared of the surface bar; the majority of the experiences I'd read said it hurt even less than the piercing itself. But then I found out they weren't true. The jewellery hurt more, definitely, but it still wasn't too bad. It felt like a bit of tugging and something heated passing through my skin. I was so excited to see my brand new piercing. I was told that I didn't bleed as much as other people, which made me smile.

Before I left, Gary put a dressing over it and told me to take it off in a few hours. I couldn't even feel it, which was good; at least it wasn't hurting. I was thankful he didn't have to use clamps because he told me that if he did, it would be throbbing after.

That night when I took off the bandage, I found that I hadn't bled at all (which happened with my navel piercing). It didn't swell, or bruise, and it wasn't even red anymore. I thought it was awesome how I could feel the metal bar under my skin. It did hurt a bit when my shirt rubbed against it and when I accidentally bumped into a bench, but aside from that it was fine. I cleaned it with salt water and then left it alone after that.

To anyone who's planning on getting this piercing, make sure you find somewhere that's clean and get to know the piercer a little before you let them stick a needle through you. I know from experience that some people out there are real dickheads, and have absolutely no idea what they're doing. Also, insist on getting a surface bar. Find a place that will use surface bars; you won't regret it. Bio plast and other plastics like that will almost definitely reject; plus they look terrible as the metal balls stick out to the sides instead of out straight.

This was taken the morning after.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Gary
Studio: Off+Ya+Tree
Location: Gold+Coast%2C+QLD

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