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Go to Marche Noir!

I turned eighteen 6 days ago and when you turn that age I guess something clicks inside of you.  You tell yourself I really need to do something just because I turned eighteen.  I guess piercing my belly button was top on my list and a tattoo is a little too permanent for me right now.   I looked online to figure out how other people cleaned it and how much it hurt.  I was amazed actually at all the different responses so... I decided that I was actually not going to take the word of a bunch of people I don't know but from actual professionals.   

    I went first to Rising Phoenix in Addison.  My boyfriend had gone there to get his tattoo done and his ear pierced.  I knew that it was not the best place to get a piercing because the area were they do the piercing could have been cleaner and the only guy their that did piercing was not very nice (at least to me), plus he did not really explain at all to my boyfriend about cleaning it afterwards.  The next day (day after my birthday) I went there with my mom and it seemed still that I could not get it done because I did not have an ID.  I figured why go here when I do not like this place anyway. 

I went to the mall with my sister and it seemed that fate kind of jumped into its own hands after that.  I knew there had to be some kind of piercing studio that I could go to besides Claire's with its evil piercing guns.   I saw  Marche Noir and ran to it hoping that they did piercing.  Thankfully I walked up to this awesome looking chick with like 2inchG ears on both sides a piercing in her neck and a bunch of flower earrings in her ears, and her nose done.  Surprisingly enough I was not scared at all, it was actually sort of comforting know that if they do piercing here, they look like they know what they're doing.  She was nice and polite (the complete opposite of the other place I visited) and I walked in and asked if they did body piercing here, and was relieved that she said yes.  I asked about the type of earrings and prices and stuff.  I would have jumped at getting it done right then but my wallet was empty and she said that person that does the piercing was not there.   

I talked with my friend two days ago.  She and I scheduled that we should go together; I got excited then because I knew the day in advance and could not wait.  Well Saturday came around and once I woke up I just could not go back to sleep, I just wanted it to be over with.  I am not one to deal with anticipation very well.  I knew I should eat something. I read online that you should eat before you get anything pierced so I managed to get down a piece of coffee cake.   Alex, my friend was difficult to get a hold of.  So I figured I can not wait any longer or I am going to explode with nerves.  My boyfriend and I left with out Alex and decided to go get it done, I already had a billion of questions to ask them by the time I got to the mall.  I walked into Marche Noir and the guy I saw, I INSTANTLY knew for some reason that he was the one that was going to be doing my piercing.  This guy was too cool for words. I walked up all stupid like; shaky voice, stammering, flustered, scared, nervous, excited.  Plus I felt like a jerk because Art (the piercer) has a big, black bar through his nose, which I could not stop starring at.  But he was so down to earth and nice.   

  Since Marche Noir is a jewelry store they have a rather large selection to choose from which to me was good.  The place is a little pricey though.   By this time I am ecstatic, it did not help though when I found out how much it was going to cost me, and I was going to need more money and my boyfriend left his wallet in his car.  We said we'd be right back and went to his car.  Talking with them made my butterflies kind of disappear but once I was out of the mall I think that I was about to throw up.  We came back and I was like I do not want to leave the store again but we did.  He walked in and the first thing when we came back was you know that we recommend that you don't go swimming for about a month.  Since its nice out I was like this is going to suck.  I ended up having a blank face and he said, "Well have you guys eaten in the past 2-3 hours?" and I realized that I ate around 8 a.m.  In my head I am screaming no! I can't eat now, my stomach is already in a huge knot.  But we left to the food court and grabbed some grub to think about it all.  Swimming was one of my concerns when coming into this.  But I asked the guys at Rising Phoenix and they said 2 weeks.  Getting food and eating really helped, I admit I could not really eat all my food because of my nerves but I was able to calm done a lot and regain some composure.   

My boyfriend and I walked back in and I decided what the hay its only a month. I decided on 14g titanium curved barbell, I did not want to go all fancy for my first one.  Plus my budget would not allow me to have the one that I really wanted which ended up being $75 just for the jewelry.  Marche Noir charges $35 for there actual piercing cost and extra for the jewelry.  By this time I was actually excited I was like finally it's going to be done.  I finished paying for everything and it was about $70.  He told me to wait while things were getting sterilized.  I finished signing a consent form and waited a few minutes.  He then told me to come in and the thing I noticed was that this room looks exactly like a doctors office. It is completely different from the rest of the place.  He then showed me that everything was sterilized and he cleaned the area (my belly button) and then put a dot on my tummy were it would go.  I asked him about something I read online about the belly button shrinking after being pierced but he said that it would not shrink that much.  I made sure that I actually looked in the mirror and that it was the way I wanted it.  I know that a bunch of people get piercings and tattoos done and do not look at the sketch really well before hand because their either too excited or nervous. I just recommend actually looking at it because people do make mistakes.   

    He made the little black dot were it was going to go and told me to lay down on bed that looks exactly like something in a doctors office.  Art was so friendly about the whole thing, told me how to do some meditation breathing.  You know in through your nose and out of your mouth, slow and steady.  I really could not see anything he was doing on my belly because I was either starring at the ceiling or closing my eyes.  He told me to breath and he said that he was just checking the placement of the jewelry and how it fit, then told me to do a couple more breaths.  I could not really see what he was doing with his hands.  I forgot what my boyfriend said he was doing.  I know he did not use a clamp, which was good because I heard it is rather uncomfortable.  A couple more steady breaths and then told me one more good inhale and exhale and then he did it.  I like to use the analogy of it feeling like a knife going through butter.  I swear it did not hurt at all.  I read online that getting your ear pierced hurts more, and I completely agree.   It was done and I got up feeling dizzy.  He told me not to rush and I did not,  I laid back down. Art was really cool about it all.  I was sitting on the table all flustered while my boyfriend and him were having a casual conversation. I got up and once I looked in the mirror I was like it was so worth it. 

 The people in Marche Noir were really cool, they completely made me feel more comfortable and I would highly recommend going to them.  Plus the people their are really funny and I can tell they love what they do.  I just got it done today; I have cleaned it twice with a sea salt soak, which is what Art said to do.  I did not do it for five minutes though.  It has not gotten red or swollen or anything...yet.  It is a little tender when I sit in different angles but right now it looks fine.  I do not want it to get all ugly looking.  I just know that I am really happy with my decision and I would recommend anyone who wants it done, to get it done, It does not hurt. You will love it, I did!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Art
Studio: Marche+Noir
Location: woodfield+mall+Shaumburg+illinois

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