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are you serious!? that painless!

Hey. I just got my belly button pierced, and I'm here to share my amazing experience with you. Well to let you in on a little about me, and almost 15 and a huge wimp when it comes to pain and needles. I passed out when I got my ears pierced.

I have always been fascinated with body piercing and tattoos since I was 8. That's when my mom get her first tattoo, and let me go with her. Seeing all the unique people really got me interested in it all. So, probably when I was 11 or 12 is when I started asking my mom to get my belly button pierced. Any parent in there right mind would have said no, and well, mine did. Which I guess is a good thing. Now, I met this guy, and his best guy friends do tattoos and body piercings. I've been with him over a year now, and my parents love him. My mom even got another tattoo by them. Which finally after my years of asking, I amazingly got her approval.

So, today I walked in and was a lot nervous but I had my boyfriend there, and he calmed me down a lot. Well, we had to take him to the bank to get the $50 so he could pay the guy. And I had to wait for him to pierce a girls tongue. Anyways, when I was finally asked if I was ready, I was walked back to the piercing room. It was plain. The walls were blank and white, totally different from the shop itself. There was also I trainee there watching.

So, I was asked to lay on the what I call "half bed". He looked at me, and but on some antibacterial stuff, and asked me to stand. I did, and he marked me and told me to lay back down. Next, more antibacterial stuff, which I thought was the needle and closed my eyes, jumped and squeezed my boyfriends hand. Ha. Now, the needle came out. I wasn't clamped but had full trust in this guy. So, I remember feeling the needle go in on the inside of my belly button and then it immediately went away. Then, he walked away for a second, and said he was done. I was surprised, and yelled "are you serious"! He laughed at me. In fact, everybody did. Then he took the needle out and put in my purple stoned barbell that he choose for me, because I didn't want to. I honestly didn't feel a thing. Then I felt a little light headed from everything, and was given a glucose pill, put then everything was okay. I looked in the mirror and fell in love.

I walked out of the room, and was asked if I needed anything to clean it with. I said yes. So, he gave me a spray bottle of H2Ocean. He told me to clean it 3 times a day everyday, and to move it around.

There was a girl that handles customers there who wanted to see, and I showed her. She said it was the best looking one she had seen and said she couldn't wait until two months when I could change it to a pretty dangly one. Don't get me wrong, I love my pink stones, but I'm looking forward to changing. Even though I probably WILL pass out or get light headed then. Its in my genes, what can I say.

So, anyways I love my first real piercing, other than my ears. It is a little sore now, and hurts to bend over. It also hurts when I hug my boyfriend. I can't sleep on my stomach. But I'm expecting that to go away in a few days. I can't believe how painless my experience was, especially since I have the lowest pain tolerance ever. So, if you are a wuss when it comes to pain and that's what is holding you back, I have to say not to worry about it insanely like I did, because it hurt 100 times less than my ears.

I'm proud of myself for going through with it and not passing out or anything. So if you are thinking about getting one, I say go for it. Just don't expect to be hugging people tightly, bending over, sleeping or laying on your stomach, and you would be surprised knowing how often you bump your belly button on things. So be careful about that. Also, make sure you go to a professional, and that you have full trust in him and know that he is going to do a good job. Make sure everything is sterile. Just don't attempt it by yourself, unless you know what you are doing. Good Luck, and Happy Piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2007
in Navel Piercing

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