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A mother and daughter navel experience

My most wonderfullest of piercings.

Today is the day before Mother's Day. Mother's Day eve, if you will. I happen to have an exceptionally awesome mother. She's completely amazing and loves me for me, all quirks included. She even accepted my randomly shaved mohawk! Before I get too sappy, I'll begin my new piercing tale.

About a month ago I stretched my ears to a 00g. Normally, a newer, larger size looks rather small to me after about a week. This time was quite different; I wore my beautiful Gorilla Glass pieces and it just felt... too big. I felt like my ears were about the size of dinner plates! As I sat on the couch that night watching tv with Mom, I randomly aksed, "If I let my ears go back small, can I get my bellybutton pierced?" (mom loves me, but hated my stretched ears.) Surprisingly, she said yes. I was quite thrilled and very glad with what she'd told me.

Now, my mother may be completely splendid and fantastic in every way, she does tend to forget things. She'd promised me to get my bellybutton pierced on my 14th, 15th, and 16th birthdays, and just kept forgetting. I didn't mind so much, Mom's quirks make her "Mom." As we were shopping for her Mother's Day gift today (which consisted of her picking out a ring, paying for it herself, and telling me to wrap it up and give it to her tomorrow with a nice card... she'd act surprised) I asked her if she'd let me get my bellybutton done in good faith if I promised not to re-stretch my ears. She looked up at me, thought for a moment, and said, "Dial up 411 and we'll go in today."

I was shocked, and so incredibly stoked. Mom was actually taking me... to my first professional piercing. We called up Bee Pierced and walked in about 10 minutes later, and the kind lady at the desk handed us paperwork. I was suprised at the lack of "anal-ness" they had about ID; I didn't need any to prove I was her child. I didn't mind so much, and after about 10 minutes Andrey, our piercer came out. He greeted us warmly and showed us back into a clean, cozy room with a table in it and plenty of good signs (sterile equipment, latex-free gloves, pictures of his previous work, etc.) and talked with us.

He had me lift my shirt up and started marking me up, and as we talked mom asked if she possibly could get her upper cartillage and bellybutton done too. I was even more stoked!! Mom was getting pierced with me! Andrey and his apprentice Brandy were both very friendly and professional. He pulled out his supplies on a clean tray, and sterilized everything, and opened up his needle right in front of us, just as one should. He sterilized my skin with iodine and rubbing alcohol, then marked me up with a toothpick and surgical marking ink. After he had me look in the mirror to make sure I liked the placement, he had me lie back on the table and just chill.

I really wasn't nervous. At all. I just felt normal and pretended it wasn't happening. He talked with me to keep me calm, and freehanded my bellybutton. The pain wasn't really so bad. I felt the needle going in and going through a half-inch of my skin. I felt pain, but it was much less than I'd imagined- hardly even made me wince. He followed the jewelry through with the needle. That pinched a little, but it wasn't so bad either. He put the ball on and I stepped down to check out my new ring. It looks pretty damn awesome, and I thanked him.

Next, Mom was up. Andrey did the same sterilization process after changing gloves and re-washing his hands. He is a very nice guy. Mom asked to hold my hand, it turns out I've got more balls than she does :). She took a deep breath as he prepped her upper cartillage to be poked. He told her to just breathe, it would only hurt a little. The look on her face when he put the needle through told me she hurt a LOT more than he said. She laughed and said, "At least you could have told me it was going to hurt like FUCKING HELL!!!" Silly Mom... He slipped the jewelry through and put the ball on and that was that.

Next up was her bellybutton. She had an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and therefore had a lot of scar tissue around her re-located bellybutton. Andrey said it would be no problem, however, that he'd just freehand around the scar tissue. (Mom had had her bellybutton clamp-pierced before, and poorly, so she'd taken it out.) I watched her as she lay back, holding my hand even tighter this time. She joked around with me and said this was quite the bonding experience. It was. I leaned over and watched Andrey pierce my mom's bellybutton, assuring her it would hurt less than the previous one. He slipped the needle right through, and let her go up to inspect it once the jewelry was in. It looked great; Mom and I went to check our Mother-Daughter rings out. Mom felt pretty badass, I could tell. She's very conservative, looking, and today she had a confidence re-instilled in her, I could tell.

We thanked Andrey and Brandy for being wonderful, and they gave us aftercare instructions along with some H2Ocean. What a great day, with three new holes between the two of us... On the way to my Dad's house in the car, we both swore never to tell him. Haha, that'll be for another day.

All in all we had a great experience, and I really feel closer to my mom. This is a Mother's Day neither of us are going to forget.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Andrey
Studio: Bee+Pierced
Location: Salem%2C+OR%2C+USA

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