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Worth the pain.

This experience happened almost three months ago at the end of February. Me and my friend went to west Edmonton mall to go graduation shopping. Before the day we talked about getting a piercing done each but we weren't firm on the decision. Anyways, we went there and she found her grad dress and I didn't. We then went to go and eat(I remember from my tongue piercing that they make sure you eat beforehand). We talked about it with our moms and decided that we were going to get pierced. I was actually surprised because my mom is so against piercings. It took her 3 years to let me get my tongue.

After we were done eating we started making our way towards the piercing shop. We were getting pretty nervous but I wasn't as nervous as when I was going to get my tongue done. I remember how it was painless and I've always heard that naval piercings are painless to. Or worst I heard was that it was a quick pinch.

So we got there and we talked to the receptionist and picked out our jewelry. I then asked if a girl was doing the piercing and she said that Charles was. I didn't mind to much. We then filled out some paperwork and such and waited about 5 minutes. I was nervous sitting there waiting for it to be my turn. Just then my friend went in first and came out 2 minutes later. She said it hurt more than she expected. So I was started to get a bit twitchy about it. But I tried to convince myself that pain is 100% mental.

It was my turn and I walked to the room. He then told me to tuck my shirt under my bra and look straight ahead so he can mark me. But first he took a q-tip with someone cleanser to disinfect me before he marked me. It was some kind of ointment. Just then a guy walked by and popped his head in and asked if he could watch this(he was a trainee). I was pretty nervous now to have two guys staring at my exposed stomach(especially after I had eaten a big meal) I then layed down on the table after I looked to make sure it was straight and waited. All of a sudden I hear from the trainee, "You're going to freehand this?" And I popped my head up in lightening speed mortified and asked him if he was. He just said yes and I put my head back down. I was now even more petrified because I knew it was going to hurt even more without the clamps there to numb it. He then told me to take a deep breath and I felt it going in inch by inch. It hurt alot. Way more than I expected. It was enough pain to make me bite my lip to not gasp. I just took deep breaths and he said it was going to be over soon. Then he popped it through which hurt even more and I felt as he put the jewlry in. The worst was over. It stung horribly for the next 15 minutes. But after that it was like I hadn't been pierced. So I pretty much walked around the mall hunched over because it hurt to walk.

For the healing period it was never red. It didn't hurt. It wasn't bleeding or pussing. I've had no complications whatsoever. I bought there cleaning spray which works very good. The bottle is still halfway full after three months. I'm just very excited to change my jewlery in 2 weeks to something cute since my barbell is just a standard small one with a small blue diamond(which I picked).Its definitely worth the pain.

You usually hear horror stories about naval piercings gone wrong but thats just from the ones who never bothered to take the proper cleaning precautions. Just be careful to not over clean it. I did and it was getting a bit dry in the openings. And another important thing is don't play with it. The only time you should move the barbell is when your cleaning it with a q-tip or something. You might agitate it and it will get red and it will start to hurt. And be careful when picking things up. I was at work a week after it was done and I was going to scan a box of water bottles and I set it down quick and it rested on my piercing for a second before I pulled it off. It was quite red after that but it calmed down later in the evening. Now I'm more anxious than ever to get a new piercing. I'm just deciding on where to get it pierced now. I must say that they become addicting. But good luck to anyone planning on getting one soon! Have a happy one!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 May 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Charles
Studio: Dragon+FX
Location: Edmonton

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