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What a Wuss

First things first. I. Am. A. Wuss. As far as needles go anyway. I can take most pains, I've shown horses and ridden in rodeos since I was thirteen. But needles freaked me out beyond belief. My personal opinion was 'if we were meant to have more holes in our bodies, we'd be born with them... either that, or they'd be perforated to pop out if we wanted.' When I was 12, I got my ears pierced, and I still wish I hadn't, because I only did it because my family thought it would look cute. The problem was, i had it done at claires, like so many other girls, and the piercing gun was painful (I passed out on the floor after I stood up) and afterwards, it got infected, really badly.

So I really never thought about any other piercings. I saw navel piercings on the internet and tv and such, but beyond thinking it was cute, I didn't really show any interest in it. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, the second semester of my freshman year at Northern Illinois University. My friend somehow talked me into getting my belly button pierced. At first I chickened out, because like I said, I don't like needles, at all. But I finally talked myself into it, and even called and asked my mom, even though I'm 19 now, and don't necessarily need her permission. She just laughed at me, because she didn't believe I'd go through it. Since my step dad (who owns a card shop) offered to pierce it for me with one of his self piercing kits and I freaked out and said 'hell no, get that away from me'. But I did it this time. We decided to do it between classes Monday, because the sooner I got it done the better. So I went to Japanese class, and was nice and nervous, I could barely concentrate on the teacher. Got in my friends truck after class and we drove down to Kenny's. We walked in and took a look at the jewelry, and that really made me decide I was 100% doing this, some of the bars were beautiful. The girl behind the counter was really nice, and gave me the paperwork and everything. I was shaking so bad at this point I had to pause and calm down just to write legibly. Because it was fairly early in the morning (11 AM, not that early really, but the shop opened at 11, so Ken wasn't there yet.) I wandered around the shop for a few more minutes before I heard the bell over the door, and the owner/piercer walked in. He took only a minute to put down his stuff before he came back out and asked for my ID, checking it and the paperwork. Then he lead me back to the back room, which was where the lovely puke green dentists chair and his work station were at. Then came the standard 'ok, tuck your shirt up into your bra and let's do this!'. So up went the shirt, and he marked it with that purple pen that never washes off, and asked me to look in the mirror and make sure it was ok. Since he knew what he was doing and I didn't, I trusted his judgment, and laid down on the chair. He got everything ready, and was really nice, talking to me the whole time. My friend wanted to stand by me and watch, but she couldn't get in, since the room was too small.

By this point, I was about ready to throw up from nerves. He gave me his 'don't worry, it won't hurt. And if it does, it'll hurt me more than it'll hurt you, because I don't want to hurt you' speech, and then had me look at the wall, because if I looked up, there was a light right there and I 'wouldn't be able to see the pretty new piercing.' He had to continuously tell me to put my hands down and relax, because I kept trying to grip my pants leg or my hip out of nerves. Everyone says the clamps hurt the worst, but honestly, since I wasn't watching, if I didn't know any better, I'd say he didn't use any. However, the next thing I knew, I could feel a really weird sensation (that would be the needle). It would have been alright, except while he was getting the ring ready, my friend started talking, and the needle got jerked around just a tiny bit. My leg twitched, which set off a whole other set of pain. Finally, he got the ring through, and put the ball on, and had me sit up.

I fell in love with it, even though I was a little light headed. Ken made me sit down again, and got me some water (he wouldn't let me actually hold it, just made me take sips till I felt better). Then, once I was alright, he made sure I was listening, and told me how to clean it and care for it. After that, I was good to go, and got up to go pay for everything (25 dollars for the whole thing, including the capture ball ring). I still had my shirt tucked up into my bra at the time, and some lady from a company had stepped in to talk to Ken about some amazing offer she had when I came out. She avoided my eyes for a while, while I looked around waiting for my friend to come out (she was having the bottom of her navel done) and then finally asked if it hurt at all. After I told her it really wasn't that bad, she decided to get hers done too!

All in all, I'm really happy with this. At first, the skin on my stomach was yellow, but that was because of the stuff he used to clean me up before he marked me, and that came off the first time I washed it. The purple marks were a pain in the back to get rid of, and only just now fully faded. It's a little red, but only right around the entry mark, a perfect little circle. I will tell you, be prepared for a tiny bit of discomfort when you clean it the first week or so, because the skin's trying to grow up around the new obstruction, so at first it'll form a little bump around the ring, with the lovely white crusties on top, and when you go to clean it and spin it, it pulls, but that doesn't take to much effort to get around. Make sure to wear loose clothes the first few days too, I ended up wearing my brother's clothes, because all my tops were fairly tight and fitted. However, if you really want to do it, don't let the idea of a little pain stop you, it's well worth it in the end, and I'm really happy with mine. My friend just got me a whole bunch of jewelry for when I can change it out, and I'm counting down the weeks!

And if you're in the DeKalb/Sycamore area, and want to get piercings done, definately check out Kenny, he's one of the best by far, and I visited a lot of shops before I had this done, trust me!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 May 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Kenny
Studio: Out+on+a+Whim+Piercing
Location: Dekalb%2C+Il

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