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So THAT was unexpected

During my Christmas break from school my friend Kasper and her boyfriend rudely showed up at my house. Kasper informed me I was coming with them to get her lip pierced. Though I have many clearly visible facial piercings (8) my parents are still not too thrilled about my modifications, so I then proceeded to inform them I was off to the movies for the evening. The plan was that I would get my tongue pierced with her, but I was still 25$ short. I took my time getting ready, and we jumped into the van on our way to artistic impressions. In the van, Kasper was very worried about her piercing to be. I told her it wouldn't hurt, and she'd be just fine, she started to trust me, but remembered that I never think my piercings hurt.

We had arrived there, and Kasper was complaining she was going to die, while I was deciding which piercing I could get. As I only had 35$ It was between a navel piercing and an eyebrow. I've had both pierced before, but I have a thing for symmetry, and chose my navel. I told her I had it done multiple times before, and she asked me if they had ripped out, to see if she would be piercing through scar tissue. I told her that they had just started rejecting and so they had been taken out. We signed our forms, stating we were healthy little children, and followed Sarah back.
As we got to the back room, Kasper told me I would be going first, which I couldn't disagree with. Sarah first got me to sit in the chair, and started to clean my navel. She then made me stand up clean it a little more, and I asked her if she could do the bottom instead of the typical top. She looked a little surprised, but started marking the bottom. She took out a little tool that resembled a ruler and started marking it up, she marked it a few times, and when she found it to be agreeable, she asked me to check. I thought it looked just fine.

I sat in the chair, and she had put on her gloves. The needle was put in lubricant, presumably Vaseline, and pushed through, from the top to the bottom. I looked at the needle after it was through. I really felt nothing with this piercing, except a little bit of a pinch perhaps. She stepped away to grab the jewellery, and pushed it through. I looked up, and well, was sort of horrified to see I had a CBR embedded in my navel. I began to question the satanic rooster on one of the shelves, but she said she had no idea because it was the other piercer Seans, and it was his room, so she had no right to ask. She asked me if I really needed aftercare, and I told her no, she questioned me as to what I use to clean my piercings, I told her ¼ a teaspoon of sea salt to warm water. She approved this and out of the chair I went. I sat down beside Anton and awaited Kaspers new lip piercing. After kaspers lip was pierced, she was weak and dizzy so we sat in the room for a few minutes.

The days to follow:

During this time period, I had fallen in love with microdermals. So I had went around asking piercers if they were capable of doing them, I was also asking about branding/scarification. I went to artistic impressions, and they didn't know about them, so next my friend Holly and I decided to go to Alien Fine arts, because I'd talked to the piercer on IAM and he'd seemed nice. It was pouring rain, and Holly and I were thrilled we made it there alive, because we both have a sucky sense of direction. I asked Warren a few things about branding and scarification, and Holly asked about UV tattooing, and then I asked him if he could try and get the ball out of the curved barbell I wanted in my stomach. A few days previously, I had taken the CBR out, and changed it to a straight barbell, that I curved with a pair of plyers, since It was the only thing I could find that was long enough. Warren couldn't get it off, and so I bought a new one and made him put it in for me.

A few days later, when the ball had started sinking in, and it was still very swollen and irritated, I decided it would be time to take it out. As I look at the scars now, I see that it was pierced pretty deep, and very crooked. That was the first piercing I had ever got from Artistic's and definitely the last. I really really suggest knowing what jewellery they're gonna put in you BEFORE you're getting pierced. Don't be completely oblivious like I was.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 May 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Sarah
Studio: Artistic+Impressions
Location: Niagara+Falls%2C+Ontario%2C+Canada

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