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I got new jewellery... that happens to go under my flesh =)

I was never very interested in piercings. I mean, it took me 16 years just to get my ears pierced for the first time! But somehow, I got hooked – a hoax email with a fake picture of a corset piercing, which lead me to Google, which lead me to BMEzine. To quote an overused cliché, the rest is history.

Somehow, I had decided that I quite liked the look of navel piercings. I wasn't sure that I really wanted one though until a friend of a friend mentioned that she was getting her navel pierced for free through a training academy. I pleaded to my mum, and because I only wanted a standard navel and had no other piercings bar ears, she gave in, on one condition: I had to go and watch the friend of a friend get her navel pierced first. I think my mum was quite hoping that I would be put off by the needle.

Then 'tragedy' struck – the friend wasn't able to get an appointment. I was immensely disappointed, and thought that I would have to put off my navel hopes. That was, until one day I went with my sister to the local shopping centre. Dragging her into Off Ya Tree, I struck up a chat with the girl [Sarah] about corset piercings. At some stage she mentioned that they had an apprentice working there at the moment, who under full supervision by a fully trained piercer was doing piercings for half price. Joy! But two problems – I didn't have the money with me, and my mum was at work. After confirming that the apprentice would still be there til the end of the year, I left with raised spirits.

When I got home, I gabbled my story to Mum, who said that as long as I pay for it, I could go back and get it done as soon as possible, which was Saturday. So on Saturday, I raided my piggy bank [I used to collect 2 dollar coins, it really pays off! No pun intended] and somehow fit all the coins into my purse. I bummed around for a bit at a mate's place, and then my mum picked me up and we went to the shopping centre before my sister's basketball game. Another tragedy – the piercers weren't there on Saturdays! Foiled again. I knew I should have rung earlier...

Mum could see my disappointment, and so she suggested that on Monday after school [whilst she was at work], I could meet a family friend at the shopping centre, who would serve as my adult supervision and make sure I didn't do stupid things like getting drunk beforehand. [Not that I could anyway. But that's beside the point.] The family friend agreed, and third time's the charm.

Monday couldn't come fast enough – I was out of the school and on the bus/train faster than I'd ever moved. I was so excited, I hadn't eaten since recess... a mistake as I was to find out. My sister and I finally got there, met up with the friend, got to the plaza... Finally to Off Ya Tree! I said what I was there for, and mentioned about the apprentice. Sarah was there again, and called "Rick, this one's for you!" Rick [the apprentice] started getting the jewellery ready [a nice double jewelled red banana bar] while Danny [the supervising piercer] went through paper work with me. The friend mentioned that she wasn't actually my mum, and so we had to give my mum's mobile number and Danny called her at work just to make sure – I was really impressed with that. =)

Everything was sorted, a couple of nerve wracking minutes while the equipment was finished being autoclaved, and I was in the piercing room. The friend came with me, but my sister stayed outside – she probably didn't want to see the needle. Rick marked the spots, and got Danny to check them a couple of times, and then he got me to check to see if I liked the placement – it was fine. I layed down on the table, and Rick started clamping. Or he tried – he couldn't quite get a grip, and so I had to sit up briefly so he could clamp the skin and then lay back down. I was a bit nervous about the clamping thing, because everybody always played it up and said that it hurt, but it didn't for me.

The needle started going in, and I don't actually remember feeling any pain. Then again, I was babbling about anything that came to mind and making pictures out of the lines on the ceiling, so that's probably why I don't remember. There were a couple of twinges as the jewellery was going in, and then when there was a bit of trouble actually getting the ball on top of the jewellery! But it was done and I stood up, beaming at the jewels in my navel. We went back out into the main store, where I paid for the piercing, and also for a bottle of Protat. I thought we were going to leave straight away, but the family friend started talking to Sarah, and so I was standing around the store. After a couple of minutes of standing, my vision started getting darker, I felt really hot and I was having trouble hearing people talk. I felt like I was going to fall over, and so I sat down on the floor. Sarah, Rick and Danny recognized it for what it was, and got me a chair and a glass of cordial so that I could get my sugar levels back up – now I always make sure to eat before a piercing! They were really nice about, and stayed chatting until I was alright to walk again.

All that night, I kept lifting up my shirt and looking at my new accessory. I had told all of my friends that I was going shopping for jewellery, and I couldn't wait to show it off.

That was six months ago, and apart from when it was originally pierced [of course] I've only had one problem with it – over summer, it got a bit touchy, but having since run out of Protat, I used the LITHA method and just made sure that I cleaned it in the shower.

A couple of weeks ago I was just browsing Off Ya Tree and Rick was working that day. He remembered that he had pierced my navel, and asked how it was going. All things were good. =)

The employees at Off Ya Tree are great. They make sure everything is fully sterile, and that you're okay. And even if you go in there with no intention to buy anything at all, they're still up for a chat.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 May 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Rick+with+Danny+supervising
Studio: Off+Ya+Tree
Location: Melbourne%2C+Australia

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