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Favorite (although complications)

I absolutely love my navel piercing.

It started with my boyfriend, who told me that they look fairly cute. I had a problem with pain, though, and so I looked up information on the piercing - what it looked like, variations, videos, what the pain was, etc. All the experiences were different it seemed, but all produced the same product - a pretty navel! It seemed fairly easy, and all the pictures I had found were very cute! Now I had to convince my mom.

My mom was NOT okay with it at first, and at this point I had it so set in my mind that if she wouldn't take me, i'd do it myself. My father was gone for a few weeks on a business trip (He would have for sure said no,) so I begged and begged my mom, and my boyfriend pitched in too. Finally she broke down and said that if i would shut up, she would take me next week. I said okay only if she took me that night.

We drove down to DYNAMIC in Colorado. People had recommended it to me, saying it was clean and such. We drove up to a cute little house, but it seemed a bit small at first. When we walked in, though, our opinions were changed. Me and my mother were greeted by a nice lady with TONS of experience. She started with me filling out a waiver, and explaining to me the healing process, what to expect, and different complications that could happen. She also pointed out here certifications framed on the walls. She seemed ALL about health and safety which was awesome.

I decided to choose a barbell instead of a ring. She said it would heal easier, and besides, i liked it better for aesthetic purposes as well.

She sat me down on the chair, leaned it back, and looked at my navel to make sure it was okay for the piercing. Everything was okay to go. She clamped my navel down. This was the most painful part of the entire piercing. The longer it was clamped, the more and more uncomfortable it got. Finally, she asked me a question (apparently to distract me), and I felt this sharp pain. I looked down - my belly button was pierced! She slid the barbell through - titanium - soaked it in H2OCEAN, and voila, she was done! I went home with my new piercing, showing it off to everyone.

Throughout the next week it looked GREAT, a little swollen around the barbell, but I thought it looked great. So great, in fact, I thought it was healed. At that point, being a stupid teenager, I got overzealous and decided to change out the jewelry early. I changed it, and everything seemed to be okay.

A few weeks later, though, the piercing started bleeding frequently and had white stuff coming out of it. I just kept cleaning it with H2OCEAN, and the bleeding and pussing seemed to clear up within a few days. I wasn't too alarmed because it didn't see, like an infection.

Then, a bubble formed next to the piercing. I didn't think much of it, except I suspected that the piercing could have possibly migrated a little bit. I took the barbell out to inspect the piercing, and then I put the barbell back in. The bubble just seemed to be thin skin, so I poked it with the barbell a bit. I actually ended up poking it SO hard that it pierced through the bubble. So, I had 2 piercings. I decided to relax, put a band-aid on it, and see how it looked in the morning instead of fiddling with it even more.

I woke up the next morning to find my navel ripped with a nice C shape to it. I showed my mom, and she panicked. We called DYNAMIC and she said she would see us that day. We arrived at DYNAMIC, and she lifted up my shirt to see the problem. Because I had kept soaking the piercing with H2OCEAN, it looked a lot better then before. She said it was going to be just fine, and that I had just had a bad reaction to poor jewelry. She soaked it and sent me on my way with new jewelry.

The bubble/rip seemed to heal up within the next week. A bubble formed shortly after that, but I did not touch it. The bubble then went away on its own. Now my piercing looks fantastic, and is basically healed! I love it, especially with summer coming up.

So, If you're considering the piercing but afraid of the pain, that is the WORST excuse not to get it! It looks great, and is well worth the money and the effort. For those getting it, or considering it, here's a few things -

*Avoid touching it when first pierced

*H2OCEAN is great! Use it frequently, soaking it.

*Pitch in extra money for quality jewelry

*Don't change your jewelry too soon! It will severely delay healing

Other then that, happy piercing! :]


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on: 04 May 2007
in Navel Piercing

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