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An Unexpected Inverse Navel

Last summer was when I first started getting into body modification, mainly piercing.  After having the standard two sets of holes in my earlobes for most of my life, at 19 I decided that I wanted to have an industrial.  I got that piercing on July 5th, and I officially became addicted to piercings.

I had toyed with the idea of having my navel pierced, but it seemed to be such a popular thing to do that I had avoided it, and almost pushed the idea out of my mind.  To me, navel piercings could be equated to blonde, ditzy, and just following a trend.  I knew that not everyone who has their navel pierced is like that, but that was just the impression that I got from it and I didn't want to be associated with that either.

I thought about that image for a long time, and finally realized that I just didn't want to be able to put myself in that category of silly trend-followers, not that I was afraid that other people would.  But still, I wanted there to be something else to my piercing than pure aesthetics.  I kept researching and finally came across the inverse navel piercing on the web.  The minute I saw a picture of one, it clicked.  An inverse navel is the piercing for me!

Once I made up my mind to have it done, it still took me a month to work up the money (and the courage!) to be pierced.  One night after work and dinner with a friend at a chinese restaurant, I said "Hey, let's go get my belly button pierced!"

I hadn't planned to do it that night, but the spontaneity of it only added to the experience.  He said okay, and drove me up the street to the studio.  I went to the same studio at which I had gotten my industrial done, Lone Wolf Body Art in Lebanon, Tennessee.  We walked in thirty minutes before closing time, but luckily I had gone to high school with the piercer, Teddy, and he decided that he could stay a little late and pierce me. The only other person in the shop was one of the tattoo artists, who was cleaning up after someone who was walking out as I was walking in.

Since Teddy had pierced me before, he went to ready the equipment while I read and filled out the paperwork and took a few deep breaths to calm myself.  I've always gotten a bit nervous before a piercing, even my ears, but deep breathing always calms me down.

Once everything was ready, Teddy called me over to the room and changed his gloves.  For some reason, the packaged needle and jewelry looked menacing sitting there on the tray, but I never thought about backing out.  We talked about Teddy's collection of Star Wars memorabilia while he had me stand up and marked me for the piercing.  I watched him measure me with the calipers and make sure that the jewelry would be long enough for swelling, and I heard him telling me about everything he was doing, but it still didn't seem like I was really going through with it since there was no real planning.

After Teddy marked my navel and had me okay the positioning, I lay down on the table and Teddy put the clamp on me.  The pinching of the clamp was pretty uncomfortable, and I started to get a little more nervous.  I started breathing deeply again, and then Teddy started telling me when to inhale and exhale.  I knew that the needle was coming when he did that, but I was completely surprised when he said, "Okay, now I'm going to put the jewelry in."

I had barely felt the needle at all! I remember breathing in, a slight pinching sensation, then Teddy's voice coming through his mask.  The jewelry insertion was the most painful part, mostly because he screwed the balls on the barbell really tightly so they wouldn't fall off.

I laid on the table for another minute or so, to get my adrenaline back to normal, then jumped up to look in the full length mirror.  Somehow, it looked as if that little steel curved barbell had been a part of my anatomy forever. It was so happy with it that I hugged Teddy before he even had the chance to put down the spray bottle that he was cleaning the table with.  He just grinned and gave me the aftercare instructions. (I think I may have embarrassed him!) I paid him and walked out the door a very happy person.

That was last August, a little over eight months ago, and it's still my favorite piercing.  I haven't acquired any more since then, but I am planning a few.  The healing process is going very well, and I had my 5/8" barbell changed to a 3/8" after about 6 months.  The original was too long after the initial swelling went down, but other than that I have never had any problems with it. Comparing the spontaneous experience of my inverse navel with the planned one of my industrial, I think I had more fun with the unexpected piercing. Sometimes, you just have to act on a whim!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 May 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Teddy
Studio: Lone+Wolf+Body+Art
Location: Lebanon%2C+TN

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