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A great belly button piercing

Hey guys! I'm a senior in a high school in good old California (only 2 months to graduation!) and I just turned 18, so what better way to celebrate than to get a belly button piercing!? I have three ear piercings in each lobe of my ear, and one piercing in the top cartilage of my left ear, adding up to 7 piercings in all. (Now I have EIGHT! Wooo!)

WHAT did I get~

I got the standard, beautiful belly button piercing! (With some antibacterial cleanser to go w/ it.) I chose a barbell (NEVER EVER get a ring or anything else. No question about it) with deep red gems on the end. Simply beautiful!

WHY I wanted it~

Unlike other piercings, the belly button piercing is different because it is very FEMININE, where as others (such as the eyebrow piercing or the lip or something) is, as my brother would say, "bad-ass". And I'm not saying that I dislike other piercings, but I chose this one because people have been doing it for thousands of years all around the world and I think it is beautiful. :)

WHO came with me~

My girls Kira (who is very squeamish about this stuff, but has a b.b. ring herself, yeah, go figure) and Tess (she was very supportive and I still apologize for squeezing the s* out of her hand lol). I am SO glad that they were there, it's always extremely important to have one or two loved ones by your side when you get a piercing!

WHEN did I get it~

About 2 hours ago.

WHERE did I go to get my fabulous piercing~

Nathan's Tattoo and Piercing! It is on Topanga Cyn. Rd. in Canoga Park, California, and I absolutely recommend them! Very friendly people, awesome (NOT scary) environment, UNBELIEVABLY sterile. A little on the pricy side, but there is a good reason for that- they're the best around. http://www.nathanstattoos.com/home.html

HOW much did it cost~

$73.20 total. About $25 for the piercing and the rest was the jewelry.

HOW was it done~

As soon as I walked in, my friends and I were greeted by the owner of the shop- Nathan. He couldn't have been more friendly and he was extremely professional. He talked to be a bit about the piercing and how to take care of it. Next, I talked to a piercer there, Donnie (a very inked up nice girl lol) who explained how to take care of it and how she was gonna pierce it. She marked my navel with a pen. The room was very open and divided into three or so sections. It was a bit busy, but not bad. After about 15 minutes of her explaining and waiting a bit, I lied down on the table, w/ my friends holding my hand, and she put a clamp on my navel and slid the needle through, very calmly and professionally. She wore gloves and was very clean with it.


I can tell you that with MY piercing, it hardly hurt. It was a pinch that lasted about 4-5 seconds, followed by a sting that hurt slightly more immediately after and the sting lasted for maybe 5 seconds. But, it is important to know that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT AND EVERYONE TAKES PAIN DIFFERENTLY. I, myself, tend to be very good with pain, and so I didn't think it hurt bad at all. Now it is a bit sore, and I'm sure it will get a lot more sore later, but it's fine if you don't move around a lot.


  1. please, do yourself a favor and go to a place that is sterile and knows what their doing. If you do that simple thing, everything will go fine. just do your research on the internet or get a recommendation from a friend, like I did.

  2. piercings are expensive, deal with it. usually the more expensive, the better the piercing, so go all out when it comes to something like safety and your health.

  3. never get a pierced navel used with a piercing gun.It's extremely stupid and unprofessional.

  4. ALWAYS get a barbell. rings twist around and are more susceptible to infection.

  5. always have someone there with you, preferably a calming loved one.

  6. CLEAN IT. don't use anything but the antibacterial stuff they give you that you're supposed to use to swipe once, maybe twice a day with a Q-tip (and if they didn't give/ recommend any, that's obviously not a good shop). don't use that fancy body wash that you love, atleast not on your tummy- try antibacterial soap, like DIAL. yeah, it's a pain in the a to clean it alla time, but so is dealing with an infected belly button, am I right?


  1. OMG does it hurt?! : like I said, it depends on the person. for me, it hardly hurt, I would compare it to a cartilage piercing.

  2. How much did it cost?: for me, 73 bucks. It usually ranges from about 30-90, depending on the jewelry. And, like I said, just pay a lot- it's worth it.

  3. Is it visible under tight clothing?: not if you get a barbell- maybe a little if your shirt is as tight as spandex or something.

  4. when can i swim?! summer is coming up! : after about 2 months, you can swim in a clean pool, but if you want to swim in the ocean or a dirty pond, wait about 4 months.

It was such a clean and fun environment, that my friend Tessa and I are thinking of going back later for small tattoos! But that story will come later. :D

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!

[email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 May 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Donnie
Studio: Nathan%27s+Tattoo+and+Piercing
Location: Topanga%2C+C.A.

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