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Awesome navel piercing!

Ok ... so this is what happened for when I went to go get my piercing that I now adore so much even though the newness has worn off.

My name is Madison, my nickname is Fairy cuz I love butterflies and you guessed it ... fairies, I adore them both so very much. I just got my navel done a week ago and 2 days ago and it was because my friend got her navel peirced peirced and it looked so awesome on her and now, see, I do not have a washboard for a stomach like most people who do get body piercings like navel or other types of body modification but I am not chubby or fat or anything so I did not think it would look bad on me and when it got done which I was right so it looked awesome on me so yay me, whoo!

It took me like a week or two ( I did'nt count the days )to convince my mom that even if she did not let me get it done now, I would just get it done when I was able to get it done with out a parent.

I bugged her and bugged her and bugged her and she finally, FINALLY gave in, caving in easily after a while, but it was easier than anything else I've bugged her for except for when I asked her if I could dye my hair blue and she said sure as soon as I asked ... someone was grumpy that day because she always says sure to me when she's grumpy. It is not like I bug her for the latest every thing or some thing like that.

I was so very happy, extremely happy ! I would finally get a peircing that was not my ears. I also got very nervous and had butterflies in my stomach. the day after I convinced my mom we went to the body peircing shop and I felt like I was going to faint but we had not even gone in to the back room yet for me to get the peircing!

We finally got in to the back room and the peircer got out everthing she needed and put some latex gloves on then she cleaned my navel with this liqued stuff and marked it with a purkle marker , I looked to make sure I liked it since she told me to, it looked pretty straight and my mom thought so too! She put on new gloves and took the old ones off and then she then clamped me and I felt a tiny pinch from the needle ( I hate those needles, they are so long ), it did not hurt much, and then it was all done, I thought "wow,that was quick." :) I have to admit that the jewelry hurt more than the needle but the little slight bit of the pain was worth the great , awesome , amazing peircing. It bled a little itsy bitsy teeny weeny tiny bit and the peircer cleaned it off really well after that. I got up very slowly to look at it and like I said earlier... it looked awesome, I absolutely adored it !

The peircer told me and my mom about how to care for it of course but I drifted off into space, staring at my navel that I did not recognize anymore. I am just glad the peircer had a pamphlet with the instructions on it for me cuz ... after I got home I lost it some how so I am pretty darned lucky my mom was listning to the peircer so she told me what to do untill I memorized what to do to clean it which did not take long.

Now I am working on that washboard stomach 10 crunches a day, use the gazell and bike and jog some times and blah blah blah, you get the point and who knows cuz hey I could maybe get to start my very own navel project if my mom can cave again which which would be cool but there is probably just a very slim tiny possibility of that so yeah and since I love fairies and butterflies so much maybe when I can get a new ring for my navel piercing it will have a fairy and or a butterfly on it ! yay plus, now my cousin Kirsten wants to get it done and her mom does not have a problem with it but she is afraid Kaitlin , my 10 year old cousin will want to get it done too so for my cousins , the navel peircing might be a no , not now go instead of a flow smooth go :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2007
in Navel Piercing

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