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Second time lucky...

This is the story of a happy, healthy navel piercing. It was my second attempt that this piercing, the first experience can be found right here, but the background information isn't that important. Your certainly not going to feel left out by not having read it. So my navel piercing was out, healed up. I had a slight scar where the last bar had been, it looks a little like a purple smudge that I get the feeling will never heal properly, that you will always know I've had something there. It doesn't bother me, on some days I actually think it looks cool, but I never wear stomach flashing tops, so it's not like anyone else can see. My second navel came about with a new friendship. A girl in my art class had invited me out with her a couple of times and we got along pretty well and shared a liking of mods. One day we were talking on the internet and she said she wanted to get her navel pierced again, and I thought about it for about three seconds and decided I thought it was time to get mine done again too. After all, it'd been almost a year since I'd taken the old bar out, everything was healed up and wonderful. I was convinced nothing bad would happen with it this time. So I called my mum and told her my plans, something I never did for any piercing after this after she spent most of the phone call trying to put me off doing it, but at least she knew, and I pointed this out. And I was 16 so it was all perfectly legal, unlike last time. I met her in the city bus station and we walked to the piercers, we both had money in our pockets and we argued over who should go first, in the end I lost this argument, so ended up handing over my not so hard earned cash first.
Without asking if it was alright with me my friend followed me through to the tiny piercing room and sat down, staring at my navel as it was wiped down and prepared for the procedure. This time I decided to spend the extra cash and get a plain barbell instead of a ring, and that was taken out of the jewellery drawer and placed on the sterile surface. Quick mark up, I asked if it would hurt and the answer was that since it was going through scar tissue it would more than before, but it wouldn't be unbearable.
All the time he was preparing he talked to my friend, clamps on navel, talking to friend, lining needle up, talking to friend. Well at least he was looking at me I thought, but I can't deny it put me off, especially when my friend got her lip-gloss out and flirted a little. The needle went through and I let a little squeak out. It pinched as the needle popped out at the bottom. He made a crude comment about sex noises that I laughed off, at 16 I was still embarrassed by sex and wouldn't talk about it with anyone other than my close friends. This put me off him, I knew he was a great guy but I thought it was inappropriate to talk about sex, especially since he'd only pierced me a handful of times. But he's still a piercer I see regularly while accompanying friends and there were rarely complaints about his work. I went out into the waiting room while my friend got pierced, I didn't want to watch her procedure so instead walked around the waiting room looking at all the different types of jewellery he had in the glass cases. A few weeks later my navel was healing nicely. I'd stopped the twice-daily salt-water washes, and instead had just started to make sure I avoided knocking it too often. I was still in school, but had traded in the high waisted trousers that I put a small amount of blame for the last navel going wrong for some low waisted ones instead. This meant that it got caught a lot less.
I also avoided changing it as much as I did my previous one. I left the barbell I got pierced with in until it was far too long for the piercing. I changed it for a smaller one, but it itched and rubbed and turned the holes slightly red, so quickly changed it back again to avoid incident. But I couldn't deny it looked a bit silly, and after a few months it got to the stage where I could wear the smaller bar comfortably most of the time. There were a couple of occasions where I found it more comfortable to have a longer one in. But I started to dislike the appearance of the larger ball that sat on the bottom of the jewellery and started searching for a solution. For some reason it didn't occur to me to ask to have the same type of bar that is put into eyebrows inserted, so instead I lived with what I had.
Eventually I remembered I had a bar with two removable balls on it and put that into my navel. It fit, but I was always having problems with the balls falling off, but luckily I never lost the bar for very long as the piercing had a habit of tightening up quite quickly.
On my 18th birthday I decided it was time to get the smaller bar that I'd started to desperately needed put in. I'd had the piercing nearly three years at this point, and over that time I'd gone down two lengths of bar, and the one that was put in was tiny. I was given it as a birthday gift from my piercer and went on my way, happy that I had a snugly fitting navel bar at long last.
But it didn't last very long, and after six or seven months the piercing started to feel tender in the middle when it got touched. I thought about it and waited a while to see if the feeling went away, every so often piercings play up, and I know that a few days later they can feel perfectly healthy again. But this one didn't. So I took the bar out and cleaned it, went to put it back in but changed my mind. The piercing meant a lot to me, I'd had it three years if not a little longer at this point and it had certainly outlasted many friendships, including the one mentioned above. But eventually I decided it was for the best. I put the jewellery into a box with all the other rings that have been removed for whatever reason. And now it's been out for around six months the piercing is still there, just smaller. I'm sure if I wanted to I could slip the jewellery back in, but I don't really miss it. The dimple is a lot cuter, and I never have moments where it stings when I accidentally catches on something. I'm sure one day I'll consider putting it back in the same way I do with all my retired piercings, I can't say now what I'll do of course. Maybe that's for another experience!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 March 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Paul
Studio: Pro+Body+Piercing
Location: Bradford%2C+West+Yorkshire

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