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Why you take care of your navel piercing, for God's sake.

Alrighty then. I'll start with the basics. I am Amanda, I'm 15, and I decided one day that it would be fun for my first real piercing to be my navel. What I really wanted was my tongue done, but my mom said no.

My friend was over at my house one night, and she had her belly button pierced recently. She told me her mom did it. Her mom was a vet. tech and was handy with needles. I still wasn't sure I trusted her, but my mom did and said "I would rather you get it done by her than a professional. You can even do it tonight." Yeah, I don't really understand that either. But I decided, what the hell? If my mom says yes, let's go for it.

So my friend and I were off to her house with my mom's written permission slip in hand. I was really nervous and not quite sure if I wanted to do it. I mean, of course I did, but not at my friends house. I kept coming up with really lame excuses to get out of it, but my friend wasn't having it.

We got there and Noel (Sam's mom) was busy at the moment, so me and Sam got everything ready to go. We grabbed one steralized needle, one pair of clamps, one bowl, some rubbing alcahol, and some iodine. We put the rubbing alcahol in the bowl and dropped the clamps and barbell in it. I was really nervous at this point, but Sam already thinks I'm a huge puss, so I wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of not going through with it.

Finally, Noel was ready. I sat down on their couch and noel took the clamps out of the alcahol and clamped it onto my belly button. I would love to say that was the worst part... but I can't lie. It was uncomfortable, but not unbearable. That part is yet to come.... She asked me if it looked straight and I said sure. Noel then put some iodine on my belly button and let it sit for a second, wiped it off, put more on, and wiped it off. Then she said "You ready?" and took the needle out of the package. I nodded, but she didn't do anything. "ready?!" She asked again, laughing at me. I nodded, and Sam informed me that she wouldn't pierce it until I actually said yes. How rude, right?

"Yes, just pierce the damn thing." I told her, she lauged and shoved the needle through.

OUCH! That it all I can say. It DID hurt. Sam tried to tell me that it didn't hurt for her... what a hoe bag, in my oppinion.

She took the needle out (After fiddling with it...don't know why.) and started to put the barbell in. OUCH again. It was bleeding all over and it hurt very badly.

Finally, after she got it all the way on, she put more iodine on it and cleaned it off.

It was absolutely beautiful. It hurt like an SOB but I loved it.

Over the next few days, it was fine. It was perfectly straight... it looked a little more deep than most peoples, but I thought that wouldn't really matter.

Now, I must admit, I only took care of it properlly for the first few days. I went off track around day four.

My grandma freaked out when she found out about it on day 3... that was a treat....

About... day 9, I would like to say:

Christmas morning.

I woke up, and it hurts... a lot. I didn't look at it, I took it for normal. I opened up all my gifts and went in the bathroom to shower.

I looked in the mirror, and to my horror, I could hardly see the top ball of my belly bar.

"OH HELL NO!!" I screamed aloud, and heard the laughter of everybody outside. Little did they know, I was about to retire my beloved belly ring.

I cried. I literally cried when I was unscrewing the ball. Not because it hurt, but because I DID NOT want to take it out.

But when it was all out, it instantly felt better. The hole was huge and disgusting, but it felt great. I showed my mom and all she could do was gag... I had at least succeeded in grossing out my mom. Ten points....

I miss it today. I wish I still had it. I look at the scar and I absolutely can't wait until I get it done again, professionally. I don't blame Noel... it was my fault for not taking care of it. Although, please, if you're going to get it done, pay the $50. Don't be stupid.

Take care of it!!! Mine hurt a lot, but I think that's because it was WAY too deep. It was cute, and I would reccommend doing it if you want it, even though mine didn't work out. Just do it.

After all, you'll never know if you don't try.

Thanks, and you can email me if you so wish.



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on: 07 March 2007
in Navel Piercing

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