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Navel Piercing

I saved up money to get my navel piercing and now I'm pissed because I think it was done wrong. The place I went to was pretty grungy, but my friends had gone to this place before and said it was okay so I went ahead to get my piercing. I didn't really take into consideration the environment because I was so excited. For one thing, the piercer was a JERK. He was young, probably in his late-twenties and completely ignored our presence while talking on the phone. He gave us a lot of attitude and acted as if we were stupid little kids. It didn't seem as if he cared about the well-being of his customers and just wanted to get the job done.

After I chose the barbell I wanted ( a curved one), he led us into the back room and I saw all of the little tools and chemicals and things laid out on a tray; it looked relatively clean and sterile as opposed to the rest of the shop. The piercing itself didn't hurt. He did it by hand with no clamp after using a marker to mark where the needle would go. I didn't even know he had done the job, I had to ask if he'd already pierced it. That was the end of the piercing part. I only got to enjoy my new navel ring for about a couple hours until I went to the mall and got into a conversation with someone who worked at a body jewelry stand. We told him we had just gotten our bellies down so he asked to see it. We showed him and he looked at it in horror. He told us that there was not enough skin in the piercing and that he's known people who have had the same situation and their piercing just fell or ripped out. I almost screamed because I was so upset. I had just paid so much money and went through all the trouble of getting my navel pierced just to hear that it was completely messed up. He advised us to see a different piercing artist about half an hour away. He said that this guy is a professional and would answer any questions that we had for him. We wanted to hear from this guy, so we made the drive in hopes to hear any positive feedback on our piercings.

When we got to this new place (Exposed Tempations), it was such a big difference than where we had gotten ours done. It was so much cleaner and more welcoming. The piercing artist was very kind and friendly. He really sounded like he knew what he was talking about and had a lot of years experience. He looked at our navel piercings and said they would probably be ok. He said he may have placed the piercing a little closer to the navel or moved it down a little bit, but other than that it should be fine, but any piercing has a chance of rejection or migration. We purchased Technicare from him, which is an antibacterial soap used to kill germs and bacteria that can get in the piercing. When I asked the guy from Marlow Ink if he had anything like this to clean the piercing he was very rude. He repeated the fact that we should just use sea-salt soaks and that I wasn't listening to him the first time. He said not to listen to what other people say to do, but to do what they say to care for the piercing.

I've had my piercing for almost two months now, and I don't think I've really been happy with it. It looks different than other people's and the more I look at it the less appealing it seems. It was pierced very close to the surface. I do not have a complete innie belly button where it's just a black hole. It's inverted, but you can still see the inside of my navel. It's harder to pierce these kinds because there isn't a flap a skin you can pierce through. This may have been part of the reason why it doesn't look right, but there is so much more skin that the bar can go through. I think the skin is thinning out slightly because there is not as much skin on the bar as when I first got it. Its not sore or bright red, but it definitely just doesn't look right to me. You can almost see a dark shading line connecting the two holes and it's really scaring me. I'm going back to Exposed Temptations to have them look at it. I want to find out if I should just take it out and pierce it again at this place when it heals. I am VERY upset and I totally blame Marlow Ink for messing up my piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 March 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Studio: Marlowe+Ink
Location: Virginia

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