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I wish I would've Waited!

 Around this time of year about three years ago I was obsessed with belly button peircings. Getting mine done was all I could think about! I begged my mom for weeks to take me. Finally she gave in!

It was on a Wednesday that we went. We went to one place and they wouldn't do it because I was so young. I was majorly bummed! Before we gave up, we went to one last place. He agreed to do it as long as my mother signed for me! With all the paper work squared away, it was time to get it done! He had me sit down in a chair and tuck my shirt in under my bra. He pulled out the needle and my mom took off! She was too scared to watch! He said I might feel a bit of pressure, and before I knew it, it was all over! It didn't hurt at all! I was soo excited that night at cheerleading! I had to show everyone! I thought that it would hurt really bad, when I was trying to flip, but I couldn't feel it at all! Needless to say it wasn't like that the next day! It was very tender and hurt every time my stomache would move! Aftr about a week of so, it began to subside. I was very eager to change the ring. Who wants that plane ole silver thing?! So I went to the mall and bought a new ring. Instead of waiting the full time for it to heal like I was supposed to I went ahead and put a new one in. Bad idea! It became infected and sore! I got some medice for it and eventually it went away! I definately wished I would have waited! I tried to hide it from the parents for awhile! I knew that they would most likely frown upon it but i had no idea it would be as much of an ordeal as it was! They would look at it with such disgust! I couldn't believe that they would get so upset over something so small! I was totally embarassed when they would look at it and make a horrible face! I just wanted it to disappear for that second!

My mom and I had decided not to tell my dad that we were going to get it done! He wouldn't let me do it. Soon after I got home, my little sister found out. We told her that for no reason what so ever was she to tell. Well of course being the little brat that she is, she told! My dad came into my mom's room one day when my mom and I were sitting there watching t.v. and told me to show him my bellybutton. I was scared out of my mind! I didn't want him to make me take it out! I kept telling him no and he siad that if I didn't show him, he would hit me in the bellybutton! I most definately didn't want that to happen! I immidetialy lifted up my shirt enough for him to see my bellybutton. He was pissed! He gave me and my mom the go to hell look at walked out the door! He didn't make me remove it, but was very pissed that we went ahead and did it behind his back!

Now that I am, older I have come to realize that I should have waited! What I wanted so badly a few years ago, no longer want. I was going to let it grow up, but when I saw what my friend's looked like after she let it grow up I definately changed my mind!

My little sister is now a few years older and wants to get hers done. She keeps begging my mom to take her to get it done, but they will not let her. They told her that they would not make the same mistake of letting her get it done as they did with me! She thinks that this is very unfair and doesn't understand why they would rather her wait until she is older and is sure of what she really wants. Or the fact that the parents of the other kids her age will treat her the same way they treated me. That they will think she looks trashy and give her weird looks! I kind of feel bad because if I hadn't gotten mine pieced she wouldn't be begging to get hers done!

If you are considering getting it done, you may want to wait and not get it done as young as I did. Because what you want as a child may not be something that you are gonna want five years from then! I only wish I had thought of this then!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 March 2007
in Navel Piercing

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