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My second piercing in 22 years.

I hadn't really thought about getting my naval pierced until I was 32 years old and I had a whole new look going for me so why not get pierced?  I am not much of a jewelry person to start with. I wear my wedding ring and only seldom do I wear earrings. So I never thought too much about it. My husband said he wasn't too thrilled about the idea but after talking about it we realized that if I got a tattoo, it was permanent. I couldn't change it, the color, the style, etc.  At least with a piercing, I could have a different ring for every outfit, and if I gained too much weight or just felt like I was too old to still be wearing a belly ring, I could take it out and nothing would be permanent except a small hole which no one would be able to see anyway.

I happened to be in Springfield one day running errands and drove by Kaleidoscope and thought I would pull in and "just look around". You know, research the place, see how clean it was. I had to intention of getting pierced that day. I was just looking. I had heard about Kaleidoscope on the radio and heard from their ads that they used hospital grade sterilization procedures which, coming from a healthcare related job, impressed me. I went to the counter and was looking at the barbells and rings when the girl behind the counter asked if I was being helped. I explained what I was doing there and she explained in detail about the rings, the cost and how barbells were generally preferred since they don't snag on clothing. The girl said if I would like, I could talk it over with the piercer who was expected to be there in 20 minutes. So I thought about it for about 5 seconds and said, "What the heck, lets get it done!" (I was never one to linger over a decision).

I paid for my stuff and sat down and waited for my piercer to come through the door. I was told his name was Qui Qui (pronounced Kee Kee). I watched as two guys came through the door. One guy was pierced all over and didn't look like he had seen a bathtub in a while. I thought to myself, "If this is my guy, I am out of here! Luckily, he was a customer and the other guy who happened to enter the store at the same time was my piercer, Qui Qui. He was clean; he smiled and looked like he really enjoyed what he did for a living. He took me into what I call, "the piercing room" and went over the procedure, the healing time, the do's and don't of caring for the particular piercing that I was going to be getting. He found out I worked in healthcare and went into more detail of the sterilization process and that they follow strict guidelines in order to ensure cleanliness. He had me lay down on this funky red chair that resembled something in a dentist office. He laid it flat and marked the area with a skin marker to make sure I was comfortable with the placement. I checked it out and thought it looked good to me. Only then did he open up his instruments from sterilized packages in my presence. I appreciated that. It made me feel better that I could see for myself that the instruments used on me were sterile. (I should mention that the whole time this is going on, he had on rubber gloves, another plus in my book)

Once I saw the packages being opened and started feeling more comfortable with the whole thing, I laid my head back and started asking him where he had learned his art. This wasn't to interrogate him or to further make sure he knew what he was doing, I was just really curious as to how one becomes, "a professional piercer". It's not exactly a course that I noticed being offered at the nearby University. So he turns his little mayo table toward me and is working on my naval while explaining where he learned how to do this. I am listening to his story and I can hear some clicks from the metal instruments and then in mid-sentence I feel this quick jab and a little sting and he simultaneously states, "you are pierced". And then he finishes his story about living in California while he is going to school to learn to do this. All without losing a beat in his story. It didn't really hurt. It felt similar to getting an IV started. I hopped off of the table to checked it out in this full length mirror in the room and I was really happy with his work. He gave me written instructions on how to care for the piercing and a bottle of after care solution and I was done!

Now my 15 year old daughter wants to get her belly button pierced and so another trip to Springfield. I am going to see when Qui Qui is working so she can have a good experience with getting pierced. I have heard many good things about the other piercers at Kaleidoscope but when it comes to allowing my 15 year old baby to be pierced, I would like to know who it doing and Qui Qui is fine with me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Qui+Qui
Studio: Kaleidoscope
Location: Springfield%2C+Missouri

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