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It's about damn time...

Well I have been wanting my belly button pierced for a while now. In face I have been wanting it since I was 13. A girl on my bus had it and from that moment I fell in love. My mom had always been cool with the idea, only because she knew I was scared of needles... Now my fear isn't bad and I have defiantly been bit by the piercing bug.

When I was 14 I got tattoos and then last summer my brother pierced my ears twice himself. Plus after my whole I hate needles thing, I had been hospitalized twice so needles were nothing to me so I figured by now I could get my first REAL piercing. About two weeks ago I had decided to get snakebites done or my septum but at the last minuet I chickened out and told my mom I would just get my belly done. She had a headache and said she didn't care what I got pierced, just to go get it done.

We went out and got something to eat and talked for a while then headed for the tattoo shop.

So I go into Alien Ink and ask for the piercer but he had ran to the next town and would be back in 30 mins. We told them we would be back and ran to office max for some stuff. We came back and he was there but had to run to his other shop next door so I walked around looking at tattoo work and other things.

Well he finally got there and asked what I wanted. I told him my belly button and he went to get everything ready. He looked at my parents and said okay your her mom and dad? and my step-dad didn't say anything and my mom was laughing and said well I'm her mom, he obviously doesn't want to claim her ha ha.

So I chose a barbell with two pink jewels on it. I think its cute :] My mom didn't feel good and didn't want to go into the room but he said he would like her to be there.

As he was marking my belly button he just started talking about random stuff about what goth was cause he wanted to open a shop kinda like hot topic and we just talked about other things like emos ha ha. Then he put the clamps on. They weren't as bad as most people say. He asked me to hold them and lay down on the table, so I did.

I was nervous so I was bitting my hand and he started laughing. He told me to calm down and relax. Of course I had to ask him the million dollar question... "Is this going to hurt??" He said "Nahhh, I can assure you...I won't feel a thing!" All I could do was laugh.

He told me to take a deep breath in and let it out slowly. I felt a sharp pinch and he gave me this look and said I'm gonna need you to do that again... He only got the needle half way through so I breathed in and out and it was done. I know the pain is different for everyone but come on... It DID hurt. But it wasn't an unbearable pain that you can't handle.

I tried to get my mom to take a picture on my phone of the needle in but by the time she took a picture the barbell is already in. He was so fast!

When I walked out into the front I showed my step-dad and joked that it was his turn. All he could do was laugh.

We walked out to the front and gave us some H2Ocean and told me how to take care of it and we payed. I think he spent like 10 minuets going through everything which was pretty cool on his part. I am defiantly going back to him for more piercings. It was also nice to know that he is the owner of the shop, so you know he wasn't going to screw around.

My stomach was a little sore for a while but its awesome now and looks amazing. Right now it is a little infected and hurts to be touched and all that but noting major. I'm either going to go to him or a doctor to make sure it is okay.

I would defiantly recommend this to anyone who wants it done! Just make sure you take care of it like you are supposed to or it will get infected like mine...

If you have any questions feel free to ask me! Happy Piercing!!

A Picture of It Now...Two Weeks Later. It is kinda red and sore but i love it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Robin
Studio: Alien+Ink
Location: Bullhead+City%2C+Az

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