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A Long Awaited Navel Piercing

I had wanted a navel piercing for quite some time. My mother had hers done when I was 11, and it killed me to think I'd have to wait 7 more years 'till I had the chance to get mine. I was no stranger to piercings; I had 3 each in my ear as well as my cartilage. Pain was not a problem; I just didn't have the patience.

Finally my 18th birthday arrived which also happened to be Mardi Gras weekend. My friend Brittany had wanted her navel done as well so she and I decided to make a trip to 6th street together. We walked around for about an hour scoping out the parlors and trying to decide which one looked the best. Finally we settled on Custom Tattoos From The Soul. It was small but very clean and orderly and looked the most welcoming. Little did I know it was the same place my mom went too, which was a pleasant surprise. We walked in and told the piercer what we wanted. He was an older man which made me feel better, I was biased but I felt good in the hands of someone who seemed like an experienced piercer, compared to a guy around my age fresh out of school. I filled out the form (which was very hard to do seeing as how my hands were shaking uncontrollably). I wasn't nervous in the slightest, but evidently my adrenaline was already kicking in due to my excitement. Steve (the piercer) told me it would be $80 for a plain silver barbell. I was under the impression it'd be around $60 (including a colored jewel), but I figured maybe the prices were raised due to Mardi Gras. Either way I didn't care, I had the cash and still wanted the piercing.

I decided to let my friend go first so I could watch. Steve marked the piercing, cleaned it, and had her lay down. He clamped her navel and then began pushing the needle through. My friend started to moan and grit her teeth while squeezing the hell out of my hand. It took him about a minute to work it through, while my friend controlled herself from screaming. He got the needle through and put in the barbell. Now it was my turn. Now I WAS nervous. I was starting to think it was a mistake letting my friend go first because now I figured it would be torture for me too. Not so. Evidently she has oddly thick skin (a year later she tried to pierce her tongue to no avail). So Steve had me stand up so he could mark my navel. I was slightly embarrassed because I was overweight (unlike my stick-thin friend) and suddenly realized maybe I didn't have the right stomach for the ring. I expressed my reservations to the piercer and he laughed and said I was fine, that he'd done all types of women and to trust him. I felt better and then it was time for the finale. I got down on the table and pulled my shirt up. I jumped at the cold cleaning solution on my skin and held my breath. He clamped me and told me to inhale; I did so and waited for the rush. Nothing happened. I picked my head up and saw he was already screwing the ball onto the barbell. I laughed when I realized I hadn't felt a THING. It was insane. I had worked myself up expecting the worst and I didn't even feel the slightest sting. It was like getting my ears done. I sat up and looked in the mirror at my new accessory. It was gorgeous and I didn't even give a damn that my belly was a bit pudgy. It looked awesome. Steve then ran through all the cleaning procedures and gave us his card and told us to come back if we needed anything. My friend was a bit woozy and had to sit down for 5 minutes. I, on the other hand, felt high. I was giddy and already planning my next modification. It took almost a year to heal completely, but I never had any problems with it (other than buying cheap jewelery from the mall, BAD IDEA). I cleaned it with anti-bacterial soap in the shower, other than that I used saline solution which worked great for me. The barbell is slightly above my navel as opposed to through it, but even after losing 50 pounds it still looks perfect. Steve did a great job.

It's now been 3 years since my navel lost its virginity. I'm 2 weeks shy of my 21st birthday and already planning on getting my nipple pierced. It seems I have a thing for coming of age by adding a new adornment to my body. Up next: tattoos =)


submitted by: Jenba Moore
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Steve
Studio: Custom+Tattoos+From+The+Soul
Location: Austin%2C+TX+%286th+Street%29

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