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I got my Belly Button Pierced yesterday and....

Hey, I'm Cassie and I just got my belly button pierced yesterday! To begin with, I'm 15. I've also always loved individuality: piercings, tattoos, different hair color...anything that makes you stand out. My mom is also way into it. She has her nose pierced and a tattoo of a rose on her chest. My dad also has 4 rather large tattoos. Me, I have my lip pierced (bottom lip, right side) and my ears pierced 3 times each. I loved the rush, the adrenaline, of getting a piercing or modifying your body in any way. It was a natural high! ;)

Anyway, I've always wanted to get my navel pierced, ever since I was really little. I would always love how cute they looked when I saw them on a girl at Raging Waters, or even on the Spice Girls. (Haha) So I knew I would get it done, and that my mom would let me. When I was 14, I wanted to get my lip done, so my brother did it for me. (He does piercings and tattoos.) A couple months after, my good friend got HERS done. I was super jealous! Up until I saw hers, I had forgotten I wanted one! So I decided, "Ok, time for my next piercing!" All I thought about that day was asking my mom to get another one. I knew she's say yes!

I told my mom I wanted it. She said it was fine, but I had to find a place that would do it for someone under age. She also wanted me to make sure the place was sterile and the piercer was experienced. Of course, I agreed with her fully. Who wants an infection, right? So I went and asked my friend the next day at school. She said she got it done at the Covina Mini Mall, and that as long as you had a parent with you, you could get it done. I was excited...and ready!

I went home, told my mom, and she said it was OK! At the time, it was Monday. She said we would go on Saturday. Yeah! I loved getting a actual day! The next day, I couldn't stop talking about it! I told all my friends, and as the days went by, I got more and more excited.

Then, on Thursday, me and my mom got into a silly fight, and she said she wouldn't take me to get my navel pierced! I had never been so mad before! I started crying, and I called my boyfriend and ranted to him for awhile. Then I realized, maybe, if Im really nice tomorrow, she'll take me. That's usually what she does. So the next day, I was really nice to her, and we had fun shopping and laughing. She finally said that she'd take me the next day. I was so excited!

That night, I was ok. Not too nervous or anything. The next morning however, I was scared! We left early, about 10:30, and got there 15 minutes later. We went in, walked around looking for the stand, and finally found it. By now, I was shaking. "Oh boy", I thought. No going back now. I had told my friends, and now I had to do it. I stood there for 15 minutes, while my mom talked to the guy. He was old, but my mom always told me that the older they were, the more experience they had. It made sense.

The next thing I know, I'm sitting behind the counter on a little chair, leaning back. He showed me the bar/ring he was going to put in: just a simple one, with white diamonds and no dangles. Perfect. Then he showed me the needle. He cleaned everything, even though everything was already in clean packages. I leaned back, closed my eyes, and tried to breath.

He clamped my belly button TIGHT. That hurt a ton. Then he counted back from 3, even though I couldn't really hear him. Then I felt a tight pinch. He took off the clamps and told me he was done. He just had to put the ring in. I closed my eyes again and he put it in. I didn't really feel that part. Then he cleaned off the blood and put some gel on it. We paid, 45$, thanked him, and left.

I was kind of shaky and traumatized, but happy and overall OK. My mom and I left and then went to the store. I kept my shirt rolled above my piercing for a while, and slept in a big shirt that night. All this happened yesterday! Tomorrow I have school, and Im really excited to show it off. I can't wait. I'm really happy I got it, it was worth it completely. Next on my list? My eyebrow!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Feb. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: some+guy
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