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have you done it???

I had wanted a new piercing for a long time, but I didn't want another ear piercing. I got my 1st holes done when I was Around 6 years old and my seconds done when I was 11 years old.

I'd toyed with the idea of having my belly button pierced when I was around 12 or 13, but only seriously started considering the idea in the summer of my 14th year. My mum was seriously considering letting me have a piercing, maybe another ear piercing, was what she was thinking.

It was my job to decide which one I wanted. The only one I thought of though, was my navel. I suggested it to my folks, and at first they were like 'no!' then they warmed to the idea! I finally decided that I DEFINITELY wanted my bellybutton pierced and worked for a long time to get my belly flat. Well, as near to it as I could. I'd wanted it in the Summer of 2004, but other commitments meant I couldn't get to a studio to get it done.

The second time around, It took three attempts to get it done though, as the first time, I was prepared to go, and then we got the news that my nephew was being born so we had to travel to see the birth. That put me out a little as I thought, 'it's now or never!' The second time, my mum and me didn't time away from work at the same times so we couldn't get to town for a few weeks. And the third time, we made it to town just to find that we didn't have the £15 plus bus fare home that was needed for the piercing. Damn! I was getting really frustrated by now and thought it was a sign that I shouldn't get it pierced as it had been put off so many times.

But when I eventually got it done it was very early (9.30am, when the shop was just opening) and I walked shakily into the shop with my mum and best friend by my side that was there, very kindly, for moral support. My mum said I was here for a navel piercing and the women got us to fill in some forms, and I chatted nervously to my friend, who was just as nervous as me, even though she wasn't being punctured with a needle! I was called in very soon after I arrived, which was reassuring because I didn't have time to chicken out!

The room was very clean, professional looking, and made me feel totally at ease. There was a dentist type chair, a desk with the needles wrapped up safely and all the guns for ear piercing etc... there was a board with all body bars, and I was told to choose one while my mum chatted to him about aftercare and pre cautions and whatnot. I chose a pretty pink one, as I am a pink lovin' girl!

I lifted up my hoodie slightly, and he cleaned my bellybutton and dotted it with a purple marker type thing. He asked me if the placement was OK and I was too blurry headed and nervous I just said yes no matter what. It was fine placement though however! I leaned back and my mum squirmed and smiled encouragingly, my friend grasped my hand as I breathe din and out, my free hand shaking. But what did I have to be nervous about? Nothing, that's what. He put the clamp on, and pushed the needle through, without me even noticing. He said, 'how was that?' and I said fine, thinking he was just testing the clamps on me to see if they hurt me, but it turned out he'd already put the needle through! He pushed the bar through, screwed the ball on the top and put a huge plaster over it.

And it didn't hurt at all! As soon as I got it done, I wanted something else done! I plan to have more piercing as I get older, more ear Piercing's, my tongue, my nose and maybe my eyebrow, I haven't decided yet, and I would like some tattoo's as well. I would recommend this piercing to anyone no matter how big or skinny you are, as I found it painless, which I'm sure you will too. After I left Trinket Box, I went to Boots and bought some Savlon Antiseptic wash, as was recommended, and my belly button is fine now, three months on!

I have now decided after some thought, and persuasion that I will wait until 16 years of age for my next piercing, discounting ear Piercing's! My next piercing will be my tongue, then it's 18 for my first tattoo!

Thank you for reading my experience!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Feb. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: not+sure
Studio: trinket+box
Location: swindon%2C+england

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