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The pain was worth it

I began, after having my nipple pierced, with the intention of having my navel pierced diagonally. Nothing much really happened for a while, but then my girlfriend got hers pierced on a spur of the moment. Two weeks later, I wanted mine done.

I worried about whether it looks feminine, or 'poofy', and my Dad still can't believe I've got 'a bird's piercing'. Despite this I love my navel and its a big part of me. The empty feeling of my torso is gone- I love how it looks. Friends I showed said they thought it would look feminine, but actually think it suits me and looks perfectly masculine- I think it complements my nipple piercing perfectly.

The piercing itself was watched by three friends- possibly not wise but hey, they got front row seats of my pain. The piercer, with some wipes, cleaned my navel, and she marked on where she was going to pierce. I noticed the to point was too far left, so I commented and asked it be a bit more to the right. If you ever are unsure of placement, always ask- remember that it's your piercing, no one elses! She also had to fiddle several time with clamps in order to link up the entry and exit points properly. I'm quite thin, so it was awkward but wasn't at all painful- just simply slightly uncomfortable.

All was set, and the needle jammed through. Christ alive, I think that hurt more than the nipple piercing- a sharp, precise pain! It continued to hurt, while my friends grimaced, and she fiddled around - a bit on discomfort- putting the barbell in. I felt light-headed and my vision was flickering black while she was trying to tell me the aftercare procedure, so she said I should lay on the floor with feet elevated- and I duly did so, and as soon as I was horizontal I felt much better. She recommended Savlon antiseptic spray twice a day, or an oil which I forget. I remember being told not to use more than one product, but I have used Savlon and Sea Salt soaks and I am currently using Savlon before showers and H2Ocean otherwise. Other people I know who have had their navel pierced report that it has been very painless. I think I'm just one of the unlucky ones.

Only a small amount of bleeding under the tissue, I cleaned with Savlon Antibacterial spray and regular Sea Salt Soaks. I filled a glass half way with boiling water and a teaspoonful of sea salt, and held it over my navel for a few minutes. This always coaxed pus out! After a month and a half, it was still red around the top, and I was worried slightly.

Then, disaster struck and I was given reason to worry- as I was slouching on my girlfriend's sofa, her scrawny dog stood on the piercing- giving no mercy to my screams of pain. After this the piercing hurt. And pussed. And pussed. And pussed some more.. constantly throughout the day. I remember waking up one day and my whole navel was encrusted with dried pus. I thought that was well and truly the end of my piercing. As a last resort I turned to BME for desperate help.

Reading BME, I noticed H2Ocean received constant recommendations from people so I ordered some from eBay -£14 but well worth it, as spraying (and leaving it puddling in my navel) 3-6 times a day has proved worthwhile as it has completely stopped pussing after about a month and is well on the road to healing. If you are in the UK eBay is a great place to buy H2Ocean and my seller got it to me within two days, which was fantastic as I was quite desperate for a helping healing hand!

Using the H2Ocean a few times a day has greatly promoted healing and now the top hole is no longer red. It still hurts slightly but it's difficult to put no pressure on it throughout the day. I think bending, twisting and sitting restrict healing time. At work, putting out stock, I bend often sometimes and this aggravates it. When I bend, the crease is right across my navel. I rarely catch the piercing, and I can tell when I am going to as I felt it rub on my boxers, prompting me to just pull them down a little bit. Otherwise, I never know my piercing is there. I was worried I would constantly be aware of it's presence, but I find I forget about it most of the time.

Despite the sharp pain the navel caused my in getting in pierced, I would recommend it to people who are looking for something simple to adorn their torso with.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Location: Ipswich

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