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Six navel rings later

At fifteen I finally got up the courage and parental consent to get my navel pierced. My sister had it done, a few of my friends had it done, but I had never really thought of it as something I wanted. I will admit I saw it as something that only the popular, pretty girls at my high school did and did not see it fitting in with my labret, nostril hoop, eyebrow ring, and heavily pierced ears, but in early September 2005 I was on my way to get my navel pierced and eyebrow double pierced.  

Things went like they had before- I went in with my dad, filled out the forms, and waited my turn. After a few minutes Jeremy, the piercer, took me into the piercing room. He had me sit down while he explained the procedure to me and got his equipment ready. He asked if I was sure I wanted the piercings. Once I confirmed I did he first pierced my eyebrow, then had me stand to mark my navel. Having my navel pierced was not as bad as my sister had made it out to be and within half an hour I was walking out with two new piercings. 

Two weeks later I had to take all of my piercings out while I was in the hospital and unfortunately my navel and both of my eyebrow piercings closed. I waited a few months for the navel hole to completely heal, and for me to recover from my illness, before going back to try again. This time I had Jeremy redo the top and pierce my inverse. Going through the scar tissue was a little more painful than I anticipated, but still manageable and for summer 2006 I had two new bad ass piercings to show off.  

Over the summer I had my conch double pierced in both ears and met Jill, another piercer at the same studio. In November 2006 I was back in the studio having her mark the sides of my navel to be pierced. She spent a good ten minutes getting the marks as straight as possible, she explained the procedure to me, and had me lay down. The sides of my navel have been the least painful piercings I have received so far (I have been pierced over a dozen times) and they quickly became my favorites. 

Within two months I had taken out both of my new piercings. The left one had gotten caught on the bottom of a shoe of an infant I was holding and ripped out (not completely) and after a failed attempt to save it, it had to be taken out. The right one got infected and migrated out while it was infected, so once it was healthy again that ring also came out. Again I waited for the holes to completely heal and headed back to the same studio in the spring of 2006 to have them redone. That was where the mess really began. 

Jill no longer worked there and Jeremy had moved to the studios other location. The new piercer was Ryan. I had seen him before when I had been in getting a tattoo and had seen a nape piercing he had done, plus the studio had a very good reputation, so I figured 'what the hell?' Big mistake. He pierced too far down into my navel and used longer barbells than had been used before, both of these factors caused the inside balls to overlap, guaranteeing that they would heal crooked.  

I went home that night and in an attempt to salvage my new piercings swapped the longer barbells for shorter barbells. I knew it was not a good idea, that changing jewelry before the piercing was healed could damage the inside of the piercing and that I was putting myself at a somewhat greater risk of infection, but I did it anyway. It did nothing to help, the balls still overlapped with the smaller barbells and I took them out within a week. That summer I also took out my inverse because it was crooked. I had never noticed that it was crooked, but once my lovely sister pointed it out it became irritating. 

For the summer I played with different types of jewelry that having multiple navel rings had prevented before. But I soon became bored with just one ring in my navel, and honestly missed having four. I was just like all my friends that had it done and to me there is simply no fun in being just like them.  

I started asking around about other piercing studios, but stupid me, everyone I asked had gone to the same studio I had on my sisters or my own recommendation. There was a small place that opened in the city I live and I had been able to talk to the piercer when I had gone in with a friend to have her nipples pierced, but I was not comfortable with him. I branched out my search to the internet and asking complete strangers about their piercings. All I could find were places not to go.  

Finally this past December my sister came home with a tongue ring from Bedrock Tattoo and told me I would really like the piercer. I went back with her when she switched out the started barbell for a shorter one and asked Andy what he thought about redoing my three navel rings. He wanted to get my inverse repierced as soon as possible so it would be healed in time for my eighteenth birthday in February, I had told him I wanted to get my sides done for my birthday.  

I was back at Bedrock the next Friday night. I like this place a lot more than the other studio I went to. It's family owned and operated, small, personal, and a little more strict when it comes to minors- my dad had to be in the room with me the entire time whereas before he did not even have to be in the shop once the forms were filled out. Andy is the kind of guy who talks a lot, but in a good way.  

He cleaned the old hole, marked me, had me check it out, had me lay down, and without warning (I had become used to warning) repierced my inverse. He went over the strict cleaning regime he expected me to follow so it would be healed in time for February, told me what I could expect with having just caught the scar tissue instead of piercing right through it, and told me to come back in one week.  

I did not go back in one week, or two, or three, and in the beginning of January changed from a captive hoop to a barbell myself to confirm what I already knew, the piercing was crooked again. After talking about it with my sister we began to think that it was always going to be crooked, no matter what from sitting down and having the jewelry pushed off to one side. Since I stupidly have not gone back to see Andy since I got it done I can't say whether or not that's a logic conclusion, but the piercing is completely healed on the outside and the disgusting hanging pieces of scar tissue have fallen off.  

So next month it's back to Bedrock to see Andy, having my sides pierced for the third time and see what he thinks about my inverse. After all this time and six navel rings later I can honestly say that I've learned a lot about piercing, navel and in general. Navel piercings are not just for the pretty, popular girls at my old high school. Multiple navel rings go nicely with a labret ring, two nostril rings, and heavily pierced and gauged ears. Check out your piercers if you haven't been pierced by them before and be completely comfortable with them. Listen to the piercer that you are completely comfortable with, no matter how many piercings you have gone through they have gone through more and they know better than you do. And lastly, all of this has definitely been worth it.


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on: 23 Jan. 2007
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