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My navel expierence

My piercing experiences have been quite odd. When I was 6, my older sister (who was 16) got her navel pierced. I wasn't really sure what she was doing except that she was crying, and I was contentedly eating ice cream. When she came out and showed my mother the shiny jewelry in her belly, I fell in love and immediately wanted one. I was like "Mommy, I want that too!" I idolized my sister at the time, and I wanted to be just like her. Well my mom of course said no way. She did however, say I could get my ears pierced if I wanted. So that's what I got.

Fast forwards 6 years (I was 12), and another hole in my ears, I wanted a belly ring again. It was before EVERYONE had one, and no one in my middle school did. So I was like "Mom, I'm doing this and you can't stop me." She kind of laughed and said okay go do it then, not believing me. When she saw me get out our biggest sewing needle and some alcohol to sterilize it, she believed me. She said if I paid for it, she would let me get it done. Well talking to my stepdad who had tattoos, he informed me he would pay for it if I went to a real tattoo shop. So a week or so later I was bored and I started looking through a phonebook. Me and my mom both agreed on the shop with the add that said "Sterile and Sober" in it. So we took a drive.

When we got there, the guy took one look at me and asked what I wanted. When I told him I wanted a belly ring, he laughed a little and said he would only do it if he thought I could handle it. So he sat with me for a little while, and we talked about the procedure, reasons I wanted one done, how I planned to heal it, and many other aspects. He also told me it might not work so good because I was only 12 and I still had some growing to do, but I was nearly as tall as my mother by then, and he figured I was close to being done with growing so it should be okay (and he was right!).He also saw how adamant I was about this piercing and would have rather me done it professionally then DIY. When he finally was happy that I could successfully deal with a piercing, he gave my mom the papers to fill out, and had me look around. I was so excited and nervous, you could practically see it. When my mom finished with the papers, the guy asked me my favorite color to which I promptly said "Purple." He went back and grabbed something, and told me and my mother to go into the piercing room. My mom, being afraid of pain and needles, remembered my older sisters piercing and said she would rather stay in the waiting room. Well, my little sister was eager to watch, so she came in with me instead. She sat in the corner and told me she was gonna laugh when I cried. The piercer had me swabbed and disinfected, and then made me stand up while he made marks on my belly button, and asked if I liked it. I agreed quickly, and so he had my lay down on the table, and sit on my hands so I wouldn't accidently bump him. He called his apprentice in, and changed his gloves. Then he clamped me (which didn't hurt at all actually), and took the needle out. He readied it, asked if I was ready, and then pierced. Now, it didn't hurt me at all; I was expecting much worse. However, I could literally feel the needle ripping through my flesh, and that's the only way I can think to describe it. The guy then put the jewelry in which felt mostly like stretching skin. My little sister sat there the whole time, astonished that I didn't once flinch. The piercer told me I could get up and look at it, and when I did, a shiny silver and purple barbell was there. I was thrilled. He told me he expected me back here in a few years wanting something else done. (And again, he was right; this guy knew me all too well!) I hugged the guy and then walked out and showed my mother. He gave me after instructions (saline soaks three times a day, and the usual no playing with it, no picking, no swimming.) He also told me I could come back and he would check on it for free, but I didn't have to.

My healing process didn't go so well, but then again, it never does. It got infected like ALL of my piercings have. My body doesn't seem to take piercings too well. Everything I get, ends up with a strange infection that even the doctor can't identify. It didn't reject, though it did migrate a little. I still love it, and plan to make it a navel project soon. I wish I still lived in Florida, and I wish ?I could go back to the same place, but he since closed his shop, and I don't live there anymore. Hope you enjoyed my experience, and more to come soon when I get my project. Happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Don%27t+remember
Studio: Solar+Skin+Art
Location: Lake+Worth%2C+Florida

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