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first piercing, other than ears..

As a christmas present, i managed to persuade my Mum to pay for a navel piercing. I'd read a lot about them on websites, particularly this one, looked up about cleaning the piercing, the big question of "will it hurt?" (which I can now safely inform you, it doesnt, well a slight pinch), and I also searched through websites looking at the jewllery. My sister had already had it done, which helped, though she told me it would hurt (I think to put me off the idea) but I had wanted it for a while, though at only 13, I was determined to get it done, yet it took a bit of persuading.

My Mum gave in though, and we set off to Reading to get it done. The studio was friendly enough, we went in and the lady behind the desk asked us to fill in a form (at that age, my Mum had to sign it). She also handed me some paper which explain after care, cleaning and those things. After we'd filled it in, and had waited merely two or three minutes, (by which time I was feeling rather nervous, though not as nervous as my Mum, who doesn't really like the idea of piercings), we were taken through to another small room and I was laid on a bed type thing, (like they have at the doctors) and told to roll my top up enough for the piercer to see. It was a very proffesional atmosphere; there was lots of certificates hanging on the wall, stating that they had been trained and pictures of piercings that had clearly been done there before.

The piercing man asked me what jewllery I wanted, a ring? the colour and whether I wanted a gem. I chose not to have a ring because of catching it, as I can be rather clumsy, and I chose a pretty colour, (I believe it was purple? though I have a really bad memory, but I remmember it had a gem, either way...) He then explained what he would do, though not detailed (fortunately, I don't think the details and nerves would have gone too well together), and that he was going to "freeze" it, so I couldn't feel anything, (which was a great relief). After the spray "freeze" stuff had done its work, (a few minutes, in which he had been preparing the new needles and putting gloves on.. etc) I was pretty numb. So, ready as I was... (well, as ready as I would be) he told me he was going to put a clamp on it. So I relaxed, believing he was just placing a clamp on. As he did this, i thought to myself, "hes putting that on a little tight, isnt he?" as there was a slight pinch, and then i heard "Done." He cleaned the new piercing with what I presume was some antibacterial cleaner and put a plaster thing on it (to prevent it rubbing on my clothes, and to catch any blood).

The man offred us a solution for cleaning it, 'Metal Morphosis' as I remember, and with a great smile on my face, and the relief and pride of having gone through with the piercing, we left.

As I began to have sensation again, a fair time after, there was a slight ache, but that was all. Since then I've kept it clean, as told and have had it for many years now, and still love it!

I would highly advise that if you want this piercing, or any piercing done, get it. Don't go too mental though, spend all your money on piercings and decide you don't like them!! The feeling of having got it done afterwards is rewarding in itself, and the piercing is just as great! As long as you treat it well, take care of it and clean it (I suggest you don't let everyone touch it just to look cool, because everyone I know who did that got infected and had to remove the jewllery, suprisingly it was a lot of people).. and if you're under age and end up getting it infected, your parents are less likely to let you get another. Also it's wise to know the place before you get any piercings; make sure they are trained and know what they're doing. It's not nice to get a piercing infected, (luckily I haven't experienced it yet, but I know many people who have, and they end up removing the jewllery and then not being able to get the same place pierced again because of the hard part of the skin it leaves)

So go get a piercing if you want one! I have 6 (unfortunately my eyebrow bar ripped out, my own fault) but I am pleased with all my piercings and love them all. They're certainly worth while, they mark your independance and look fab!

Happy piercing for the future!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Navel Piercing

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