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The piercing of the navel!

Well, I am going to start this story by explaining that I got this piercing when I was 14 years old, which was seven years ago. I had been dying to get this piercing done because (of course) everyone else was doing it! When I was 13, everyone in my grade was getting their belly buttons pierced, it was the new bad ass thing and I was so angry that I knew I wouldn't be able to get it done. My parents were always a little on the overprotective side so I didn't even bother to ask them because I thought they would get mad at me for asking.

One day I finally decided to stop being a baby and just open my mouth and ask, so I just came out and without any warning just asked my mother if she would ever allow me to get my belly button pierced. Without hesitation she said "Sure why not?" I was shocked, and positive I heard her wrong. She must have sensed this by the moronic look on my face because she laughed and I was like, "WHAT??" She laughed again and said she saw absolutely no reason why I couldn't get that done as long as I got it done at a respectable place. I was on cloud nine! I spent the rest of the day with a huge grin on my face. Now that was one hurdle, the next was my dad.

My dad has always been a bit more conservative than my mother so I knew that would be a challenge. We are talking about a man that I love dearly, but who took two weeks to tell me that it was ok for me to get a second piercing in my earlobes, so I knew it would take a while to break him down. I brought it up and the first thing he did was sigh and roll his eyes and ask me why I would ever want to get this done, we argued about it for a while and he kept telling me that he didn't want me to get it done; that I was too young etc. He also told me that he thought people would think that I was a slut.

We fought about it for a while and then we got up so he could drive me home, the car was outside my house and I asked, "Are you really not going to let me get it done?" and he asked me again why I wanted it, and I said that all of my friends were getting it and I would feel silly if I was the only one without one. (Which, by the way is not the best reason to get a piercing but I would never tell anyone else to not get a piercing for any reason, but I digress). He promptly told me that I should never do something just because of what other people think, and I looked at him a little funny and said "But dad, didn't you just tell me that I can't get it done because you are afraid that other people will think I'm a slut?" OH MY GOODNESS the look on his face was just pure shock. He closed his mouth then muttered that he would think about it and let me know. A few days later I got the phone call I had been waiting for...it was a YES!!

Oh my goodness I was thrilled, I wanted to go out that second and get it done, but my mother had to go with me so we had to wait until that weekend. We drove around that Friday night to find a place that my mom had heard about from her friend who was very respectable and clean, but alas it was closed. I was incredibly close to tears and probably annoyed the hell out of my mother on the ride home with my whining and saying that we should go somewhere else because I wanted, no, NEEDED to get it done that day (there is my maturity level shining through there). But she told me to calm down and we would go back there the next day.

So we wake up on Saturday and hang out for a bit before going to the same shop which was now open, and I was too excited to have butterflies in my stomach I was just thrilled that I was going to have it done. We walked in and the piercer (who I amazingly remember was named Amanda) took us to the back room (after filling out the paperwork of course) and she had me sit down on a chair and show her my bellybutton. I began to really get nervous now because I saw the needle in the packaging and it really scared me. My mother is a nurse so she was really interested in the details of what would be happening and how they sterilize, etc. I was half-listening as she explained it all to my mother, until I heard her explain what a hollow needle was, I freaked out! But of course didn't want that to show so I just shook in my seat. She marked me and told me to relax because she couldn't pierce me if I was shaking. Unfortunately this is where my memory gets a little fuzzy, I don't completely remember the feeling of the needle going through, I just remember moving my legs during it and my mother sticking her face by my stomach because she wanted to see it happen.

This did happen a long time ago so I do not remember what it felt like but I definitely remember telling my mother afterwards how thrilled I was that I did it but if it closed for whatever reason I would NEVER do it again. This was back in the day when they would not pierce with a barbell because Amanda said it was harder to clean so no respectable piercer would pierce with a barbell, this has changed nowadays thank goodness. Anyway, she put the ring in and explained to me that I would put a gauze wrap over it each night and I had to make sure to push the ring to rest on one side to minimize the movement of it and make sure it doesn't catch on anything; I also had to make sure to change which side I pushed the ring to each night so it didn't heal crooked. This is definitely the benefit of now piercing with a barbell because you don't have to worry about it healing crooked, which is most definitely a plus. I remember that the aftercare was a little different than my more recent piercings, I had to wash it with antibacterial soap twice a day in the shower and all that but I remember that she told me to rotate it as much as I could throughout the day to make sure that my body didn't grow over it or something which is not to be done because you should never touch a fresh piercing without first washing your hands, and you need to give it time to relax.

Another thing she told me to do was to soak it with saline for a half an hour each night before I go to bed, which I also never did with my recent piercings, I would just soak with a salt water soak. This did happen a long time ago, so the aftercare is a little different but your piercer will go over all of this with you when you get it done yourself. Now, I do remember this piercing hurting, but honestly everyone's pain threshold is completely different and the different parts of the body are different with pain as well, I have had people who have over twenty piercings tell me that one of their most painful piercings was their tragus and I got both of mine done a few days ago and it didn't hurt at all, so everyone is different.

I got my belly button pierced when I was younger, than I just had the standard two holes in each ear, a year ago I got my snug done then over the past two and a half months I have gotten a ton more lol. I got an industrial, both of my conches, both tragus', my nipples, a VCH and a deep hood and have honestly found that the ones that people warned me about the most were usually relatively painless. However, sometimes when I was told it wouldn't hurt at all, it was very painful so it is really different with each person. If you are considering getting this done do it! I still have mine and love it, my only regret is that everyone and their mother has it now, it was fabulous when I was younger because it was a new thing and people were just beginning to get it but now everyone has it. But it is beautiful and I recommend it to anyone who is considering it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Navel Piercing

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