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My Awesome Inverse Navel

Honestly, a navel piercing had never been appealing to me. To me they seemed way to mainstream and girly [I guess I could be considered a slight tom boy]. I really wanted a vertical labret, but my parents are set against me "ruining my beautiful face" and my catholic high school would not allow it anyways. At the time my parents had only let me get three piercings in each ear, and even though they did not like it I had stretched two of them to a 4 ga. I would not consider my parents conservative, because they are each tattooed and pierced, but for some reason they have a problem with me getting pierced.

As the summer came, so did the itch for a new piercing, I knew I would n t be getting any sort of facial piercing so I looked around BME for other options, here I came across the navel page and looked through it. That's when I saw the inverse navel pictures. I thought that it was at least a little bit less common than the standard navel. So, I set my mind on getting that piercing...

I did not end up getting my piercing until October though. It was around 10:00 pm and my dad and I were driving around passing time till we had to pick up my mom from some party. We passed a piercing place called Prix and I practically pleaded my dad to stop. When he did I was so excited that I would possibly be getting my inverse navel. It turns out that I had forgotten my ID so I did not get any thing done, but my dad did get some orbitals and I was scheduled to come back in the following week.

So, the next week finally rolls around and again I find myself at Prix with my parents filling out the necessary papers. [I was actually surprised that my parents took me back to get it done]. I got to pick from the huge selection of barbells and ended up picking one with a black gem at either end. I got called in a few minutes later and my dad went in with me because my mom was too scared to go in with me. She said that she did not want to see anybody "stabbing a needle into me".

After getting out the sterile needles from the package, and the clamps and other stuff necessary from the autoclave, he cleaned up my belly and marked up where he was going to pierce. I must say, he got it perfectly straight and centered the first time. After I was all marked up I started to get really excited and my adrenaline rush started kicking in. I was then asked to lie down in the dentist-like chair. He clamped my navel, and that did not hurt at all, just some slight pressure. Then he comes around with the needle, he starts to get ready and I am still excited but a little nervous. He tells me to take a deep breath in and on "out" the will pierce me. I hesitated for a second, but pushed myself to take a deep breath in. That's when I felt the needle go in and it did hurt, but nothing more than a normal lobe piercing. So overall the pain was nothing unbearable and it was gone in a couple of seconds.

I guess as a reaction to a needle being pushed through my belly I reached down a little to where his hand was. But let's get this straight I was not trying to hold his hand! Then during the next couple of minutes he proceeded to kid a round with me saying that I should not be trying to hold his hand because he was married and about 13 years older than me. The laughing really took my mind off things because I do not even remember feeling him putting the jewelry! When I got up and looked in the mirror I was so happy with my new little piercing and I rushed downstairs to show it to my mom, but of course not before tipping the excellent piercer. It did not even look like it was freshly pierced, not bloody or bruised or anything! My parents thought it looked really nice and even bought me some ice cream afterwards. When I got back to school, my friends all thought it was awesome and hardly any of them even knew that you could pierce your navel on the bottom.

I am so happy with this piercing I have had it for around 8 weeks now and it is still doing great. I am still soaking it mostly [sometimes I forget] every night and it's healing great. I tried to baby it the first couple of weeks and it was extremely hard for me not to sleep on it. But now I have no problem sleeping on my stomach and I'm a little less paranoid with it. I love this piercing so much...but I already got that "piercing itch" back, so let's see what I can convince my parents to let me get next!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: EdD
Studio: Prix+Body+Piercing
Location: Pasedena%2C+CA

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