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Impulse piercings !

Tuesdays are pretty much my worst day of the week cause I have lessons all day and then after school too.. so when I found out two periods were cancelled my friend invited me to go into town with her because her cousin wanted to get her nipple pierced, and she was thinking of getting her belly button re-pierced. Obviously I jumped at the chance so we walked into town and I decided to get money out and get a new piercing on impulse too.

I was torn between either a tongue-web or a standard navel because I need my piercings to be 100% hideable when I want them to be, because like alot of people my parents are completely anti any type of body modification (its mutilation apparently..) and I've already been down the road of septum, smiley and nipples !

It was just about twelve-ish and I hadn't eaten which wasn't clever but I decided to go ahead with the piercing anyway. I took out £40 cause I wasn't 100% sure how much it would cost and didn't want to have to go and withdraw more ! Luckily this place, Nutz Tattoo, is in the centre of my town and only a 10 minute walk from my school so we were in no danger of being late back or anything. I've had all my piercings done there so far because the people are just so nice and really professional (I hear the tattoo waiting list is like a year or so long). The piercer is a gorgeous Suicide Girl which is a bonus too haha !

It was quite busy once we got in there cause some guy was waiting to go in for a tattoo session, another girl was in to get her lip bar changed to a shorter one then a few more people turned up requesting various piercings. Me, my friend and her cousin were first in the que and we let Liddy (the cousin) go first cause she was very nervous ! She filled out her form and was in and out within a few minutes and was chuffed with her new nipple ring. I went next, filled out the form and Jackie went into the back room to set up (whilst I discussed which tunnels on display would make great Christmas presents hint hint with my friend). She called me through and said she'd mark it whilst I stood up to ensure it was straight. I lifted my top and she marked the tiny dot perfectly above my belly button and let me check it was ok in the mirror. I said it was fine and jumped onto the table and started to count the ceiling tiles.

Jackie put on her gloves and opened up the packaged needle and jewellery (I opted for a plain surgical steel bar, second cheapest after a CBR, but more practical and cheaper than the jewelled bars). She asked if I'd like it numbed and I said yes, so she sprayed my stomach with that really really cold spray and even though I wasn't watching what she was doing, I knew when it had been pierced, she hadn't used clamps (fine with me) but I did feel a sharp pinch above my belly button. I hadn't really asked around or done any research on navel piercings, was never overly keen on the idea of having one as I always thought of them as common, glorified surface piercings !

The pain really wasn't that bad at all, if anything I expected it to hurt a bit more because it goes through quite a bit of flesh, but compared to my nipples and septum it was lovely ! After the needle was through I hardly felt a thing, she snipped off the end of the needle and threaded my barbell through. A girl I know who had her navel pierced there had come out with a huge patch over it to stop the bleeding, but Jackie said mine looked like it would be fine and that I didn't really need a dressing; I trusted her opinon ! Sure enough it hardly bled, just crusted up a little on the entrance holes, but I had great fun grossing my friend out with this in my English lesson later that afternoon haha. I thanked her and she told me how to clean it, same as most piercings just salt water soaks. I walked back into the shop very happy with my new piercing and paid the £30. My friend then went out the back to have hers pierced, and came out just as happy as me, and said that it was a far more pleasant experience than her previous time having it pierced wonky and with clamps.

We said our goodbyes and left to buy muffins to keep our strengths up, and were back in time for registration :]

I'm worried my parents will probably see my new addition at some point as I have a tendency to wear skimpy tops and my mother always grows suspicious when I start boiling the kettle only to mix the water with sea salt.. but anyway I would deffinately reccomend this piercing, it looks very sweet and was not painful to be pierced, and providing the healing goes well this will have been a pretty perfect experience !


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Jackie
Studio: Nutz+Tattoo
Location: Ware

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