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I got my navel pierced today! Almost painless!

I've wanted various piercings for a while. I've already got two in each ear, all done while away from home, but I figured a little rebellion might do me some good. I'd been discussing a tongue piercing with my parents, but it wasn't going over very well. What can you expect from overprotective parents?

I finally decided on a navel piercing, because they're so pretty and I figured they're easy enough to hide from parentals. I didn't have a guy standing over my shoulder telling me to do it because it would look hot, and the only people I was planning on telling were those that had to know (my best friends, because they'd kill me if I didn't tell them, and a close few others) and those who "found it on their own", if you catch my drift. I really just wanted it to be personal and only for me. This was not an attempt to follow the crowd. Once I'd decided and researched BME, I started setting up plans to just get it over with already. I was afraid that if I waited too long, I'd back out. I'm not good with needles/pain. A side note on that: if you're not good with needles, just don't look. And breathe deeply in preparation for the needle, it'll calm nerves. Don't go alone, either. Take someone you trust.

My friend and I had been planning a trip to the city for a while to finally get this done. Plans fell through a few times, but today (Saturday, the 10th of December, 2006), we finally made it. She'd gotten her septum and nipples done on West 4th at two different places, and found them to be respectable and clean, so I wanted to head in that direction. However, we're not that good with city blocks, and decided to try different streets since we just weren't getting anywhere.

After being chilled by icy wind for a while, we got desperate and just walked into any place that seemed warm and would do a navel piercing. After trying a few, we found one I deemed acceptable. They told me to head to a back room, and I took of a few of the layers of clothing I'd packed myself with. He had me choose a piece of jewelry, took a look at my worried face and told me to relax, that it was nothing. I had Faye hold my hand and she also told me not to freak out. I began quivering as he cleaned and marked and remarked and he told me, "You no look, I professional. You no have to look." We watched him unwrap the new needle and I took one look at the sharp edge and started shaking. He put the clamps on, which were cold but did not hurt.

The needle was pushed through a little slower than I expected, but worse things have happened in life. I felt it going through layers of skin, and my friend said I made the most amazing faces as it pushed through to the other side. I was kind of mortified at the moment. It was sort of an intense burning feeling, but honestly looking back at it, it was fine.

He slipped the jewelry in and told me it was all over, then screwed on the ball and cleaned it up a bit while explaining aftercare. Like I said, looking back on it, it was fine.

It bled a little more than I might have expected on the way home, considering he promised me it wouldn't bleed at all. I'm also a little concerned that it's kind of close to the surface (but I haven't compared it with anyone else's) and possibly a teeny tiny bit off center, but I'm certain that it won't matter. If migration occurs I'll just take it out and either accept that the piercing isn't for me or get it redone later on. No worries, no sweat.

You won't regret this piercing, go for it.

I'd already warned my two best friends that I was going to do it, but I'm pretty sure none of them believed I'd actually go through with it. The first best friend literally said, "woah, you actually did it?!", the other was psyched for me and was looking forward to checking it out. I promised my friend from music school that when we're both in college, I'm taking her to get her nose done. My ex (still a close friend) was flabberghasted but happy and basically said it was pretty ballsy of me. Generally I'm a goodygoody, so doing something daring felt revolutionary. Be aware of the consequences - how others might perceive you. If you really care what others think and are afraid of a few rumors, go with someone you trust not to say anything. But seriously, just go out and do it. You only live once.


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on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Navel Piercing

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