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First piercing other than ears.

I have 7 piercings on my ears. For a long time I wanted to get a navel piercing. My set back was is I am not skinny, nor I am fat. I'm 5'3 and in the weight area of 140-160. No need to know the exact weight. Ever since I was 16, I've always wanted one.

I am now 21 years old, soon to be 22. I decided now it's time that I can finally start piercing myself somewhere. So, I thought about something I had thought about for a long time. My Navel. So, that one Friday night, I was out to dinner with my husband, we were on the topic of piercings. My navel piercing came to mind and I was like, "Honey, let's go get it now". He gave me a look and was like "Are you sure"? I said, "Yeah, sure why not? No one's going to stop me".

We went to this one tattoo/body piercing shop nearby, and they were closed for some odd reason. So, we started driving around thinking "Well, now what"? I had thought of a friend telling me about this tattoo/ body piercing place in Allentown. My friend said that these people were real nice and they have a good environment. So I told my husband to go there.

We arrived....my nerves were shot, I do not know why. I am not afraid of needles. I walked in and this guy at the desk asked me what I wanted. My husband proudly chimed in and went "My WIFE wants her navel pierced". I just looked at him like crazy. The guy laughed and gave me the necessary paperwork to fill out and asked if I could wait 10 minutes.

In the meantime, I was just walking around the shop, looking at pictures of tattoos. They had so many options. I was also looking at the selection of body jewelry they had. I heard my name being called and there was the piercer, Steve. I picked out my jewelry. It is a titanium barbell with a crystal gem on the bottom. They had explained to me that the titanium was the best kind of surgical steel to use. He took it and smiled at me, and asked if I was ready. Sure, I was!! So He got everything ready, had a few trouble marking it in the middle, but we finally got it right. I held my two hands together, clenching it tightly. I knew it was going to hurt. Steve told me to breathe in and out and trying to calm me down, I couldn't help but laugh...It seemed weird to me. I just told him to just go ahead and I was laughing. Surely enough, the needle went through, I stopped laughing and I told him to stop and take the needle out. I had a really bad burning/stinging sensation. He told me that the needle was already in and is ready to put the ring on. The pain lasted a minute and it was all good. It was like the pain sat there for a minute, then all of a sudden it went away. You feel normal again. I left out a big sigh and was glad it was over.

Once the ring was on I looked at it and was happy with it. He explained aftercare to me, how to use dial and salt water solution after it. So how I clean it, I use dial in the shower in the morning and move the ring around to get the good stuff in and bad stuff out. Then I spray some salt water solution on it and let it sit there, and then I take a tissue and dry it out. Use anti-viral Kleenex. Towels are a no-no. In the midday, I just take some salt water solution and a q-tip to clean any crusting out, even if there is nothing there, keep it clean! Before I go to bed, I stand at the sink and wash it out with Dial once more. I think this is a pretty good routine; hopefully a problem does not come up.

It's been a week now and I don't have any problems just yet. No pain or infection yet. It feels like a part of me. With the proper care and if you follow your piercer's directions you shouldn't have a problem. I'd recommend this guy to anyone. He was very nice and mellow. He'll answer any of your questions. No questions are stupid. I even asked him if anyone has ever screamed bloody murder from it. He smiled shyly and said nahh. Honestly, If anyone wants it done, just go do it or you'll regret it. It only takes a minute! I now cannot wait to get my eyebrow done. I am also looking into more piercings in the future!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Steve
Studio: The+Quillian
Location: Allentown%2C+PA

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