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crooked navel.

The story of my beautiful end product: A beautifully straight, healed navel bar:

I decided I really wanted my navel pierced, being a 15 year old girly girl who really wanted a dangly belly bar. I'm a bit past that now!

Anyway, I'd already had my ear lobes pierced three times and my nose was pierced. These piercings had all been done at Cosmetics Plus and I hadn't really had any bad experiences, and just assumed they'd be fine. I hadn't really heard any bad things at Cosmetics Plus - however, I knew absolutely nothing about piercings at this time, and was completely naive and just assumed that any place that did piercings would do it well.

I got my mum's permission (not hard to get. she's pretty cool like that) and we were off to Cosmetics Plus! Mum had to fill out a form and the piercer asked me if I had eaten. I said yes, and we were through to the piercing room. I was only allowed in, so mum waited outside.

Clamps weren't used, and neither was a catheter needle. I didn't actually see the type of needle they used, but I assume it was 12gauge, because of the excessive bleeding! I lay down on a table-looking thing, and selected my jewellery. The jewellery was in a packet, but not in proper sterilised packaging (i know this now, didn;'t have a clue then). They then (without clamps at all) grabbed the skin on my bellybutton. There was another girl in the room, on a lunch break orsomething, sitting on the bench, talking to the piercer. The piercer was talking back to the girl and including me in a conversation about their sleezy coworker. Right out of the blue, she sticks the needle in me. Ow! It really hurt, but I think that was mainly because of the shock. I got over it. She took the needle out and put the jewellery in quickly. She then let me look at it and said "Oops, we've got a bleeder".

I asked if it was normal and she said "Yeah, happens to about 50% of the people who get their bellies pierced". She put a bandage over it, didn't explain any aftercare or anything, and I walked straight out of the shop, excited but in pain and a little lightheaded.

In the car on the way home, I had my white shirt pulled up over my belly because I was eager to admire it, and I have sensitive skin so I pulled off the bandage before I developed an allergic reaction to it. When I pulled up my shirt, I realised that my stomach was covered in blood. There was blood coming out literally in clumps, with mucus and disgusting stuff, right out of my bellybutton. It was disgusting! I used about a million tissues and almost fainted, but when I got home it was okay. Having been given no aftercare instructions or anything, I went home and went swimming in my chlorine pool.

I then heard from a friend to wash it with salt water, so i used table salt.

Nice, I know.

I don't know if you can tell, but the piercing rejected. It got incredibly infected and I decided to take it out - It was disgustingly crooked too - really noticable, almost like a crooked horizontal one. Really gross.

The healing of the scar didn't go well and some scar tissue got infected. I thought it was healed and fine and so I went to Off Ya Tree to get my navel repierced. They said it was fine and that the original piercing was so way off that they wouldn't even touch the old scar tissue. So I got my navel pierced.

Of course, they went about the correct procedures etc. Off ya tree is a great place to get pierced in my opinion; i've since gotten several piercings done there.

The infection in the scar tissue returned and spread to my piercing. The piercing was producing disgusting pussy stuff and blood occassionally. There were like... strands of blood and gross things protruding from the piercing. Really, really disgusting. I think a week at the beach helped it though. The salt seems to be good for it. Suprise, suprise!

However, I would not give up.

Several salt soaks later...

I am proud to say that I have a fully healed, perfectly straight navel piercing, with reeally barely noticable scarring.

I'm very proud of this fact, but I worked really hard to heal this piercing!! I've become quite a firm believer of the fact that when it comes to piercings, with the correct placement and aftercare, you can heal almost anything!

My next project is a horizontal navel, to be gotten this Friday night! Hopefully it'll be a less stressful experience.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: don%27t+remember+the+name%2Fgary
Studio: cosmetics+plus%2Fpunktured%40off+ya+tree
Location: brisbane%2C+qld

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