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My innie navel becomes an outie!

My exhusband (at the time of course he wasn't my ex) had a big navel fetish - especially for pierced ones. At first, I didn't share this fetish, but eventually, I learned to love it. My navel is kind of large in circumference and very deep. I've always been a little self conscious of it because it is very noticeable. My ex would spend hours doing things to my navel. At first it started by simply licking and playing with it. Eventually, he got into a little bit more of the torture stuff. He would pull my navel out with a suction contraption (snake bit kit called the Extractor) and tie it, and then poke pins in it as a large outie. He loved outie navels!! I started to really get into this kind of stuff. He wanted me to get it pierced, but i was hesitant. I thought piercing was cool, but I was over thirty and felt that it was mostly for teenagers. My husband had gotten me to wear short shirts so my bellybutton was exposed most of the time. He loved that. I eventually got over my shyness and started to enjoy showing my navel as much as I could. I loved it when men and women would look at my bellybutton. He eventually convinced me that it would look great with a shiny ring or bar in it and that it would draw attention to my big round navel even more. Finally - I agreed and did it for his birthday. We went to the tatoo parlor together and waited just a few minutes. There was a teen in there with her mother, and I felt stupid - I amost left. After she was done, it was my turn. The artist examined my navel and said he would pierce it at the top (kind of an overhang of flesh). I was getting turned on at the thought of another man looking at and touching my navel. I hadn't counted on that. My husband then asked him if we could suck out my navel with the snake bite kit and have him pierce the actual inside flesh part of my navel. I was shocked. I told him no way and that I couldn't believe he actually brought the extractor. He said he wanted my navel pierced as an outie, not an innie. The poor piercing guy was confused, so my husband explained to him what he meant. Even though this guy was hip, he was taken aback to say the least. Finally, my husband decided it would be best to demonstrate to him what he meant. I could tell the guy was a little nervous at the whole thing. My husband placed the Extractor over my bellybutton and sucked it out. The inside of my navel filled the small suction cup. He then tied it around the base with a bread bag tie. The guy thought it was weird but cool. My husband explained to him that he had a thing for outies and would love to have mine pierced as an outie. Here I was, laying on this table/chair with my navel protruding out and tied while these two guys talked about it. I was uncomfortable but getting more turned on. The piercer kept examining the inside part of my bellybutton and pressing on it. He said he wasn't sure what kind of jewelery we could use. Of course, after my bellybutton is untied, it goes back into the in position so this would be a problem. My navel would go back down - and it would have a ring sticking out of the center of it. I couldn't picture how this was going to work and neither could the piercer. He called in his friend to look at my bulging bellybutton which was beginning to turn red. He told his friend we wanted to pierce it as a temporary outie, then see what would happen when the bread tie came off it. They both said it would hurt alot more than using the skin around the rim and that it would take longer to heal. I got a little nervous at that but I was pretty submissive to my husband back then and I knew he wanted me to have an outie bellybutton. He also wanted me to have a pierced bellybutton very badly. Everyone finally decided that we would try it using a long navel bar instead of a ring, figuring it my keep it pushed out a little easier. When the needle went in to the inside of my very sensitive, pushed out navel flesh, I felt myself get dizzy and then, of course, I fainted. A few seconds later, as I came around, I saw my navel, still tied as an outie, with the piercing needle through the center and blood drops around it. They asked me if I was okay, but my husband was more interested in my bellybutton. He told them not to worry, that I faint easily and to just continue. They both could see I was in pain and were probably surprised that my husband wasn't that concerned about it. They of course didn't know that he stuck needles in my navel a lot and that he enjoyed making me pass out. Then the guy put this long silver bar through the center of my bellybutton skin, with a blue stone in it. My big, beautiful navel was no longer an innie, but the center part of it was flush with the rim - kind of an inbetweenie. The pain was intense but exciting. I have to say - it looked great. My bellybutton is very deep - so now all the inside of it was sticking out with this bar in the center of it. It looked like my bellybutton had been turned inside out. It wasn't a complete outie, but very fleshy. Well - to finish this long story, it didn't heal good, and the pain was too much. We took out the bar after just a couple days and let my poor bellybutton go back to its normal shape, and that was that! No more piercing for me and eventually - no more husband with the intense navel fetish. I still like my bellybutton played with though!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 July 2001
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Don%27t+remember+his+name
Studio: Deerfield+Beach+Tatoo
Location: South+Florida

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015 @2:50 a.m.
Do you mind posting any pictures of your belly button as an innie and an outie?

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