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Scotch's navel ring

s long as I could remember I had wanted to get a navel ring. It was not until one of my friends got one that my mom would let me get one too. We went to lots of different places to look at rings. When we went to look at places the cleanest and nicest was Absolute Piercings. They were clean, polite, understanding, and best of all sanitary! I went yesterday. (2-9-00) I went in and was really nervous. The artist was really nice about it and it was done really quick. All the procedure was, was that they put iodine on my navel then he marked the entry and exit of the ring and had me go look in the mirror to see if it was straight to me. Then I layed down on a hospital bed and he told me to breathe deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, then he put forceps on me. The artist told me to do some breathing exercises while he did it (this helps so that you have something to conceintrate on and so you dont faint). It felt like a pinch and it was all over. I didnt even feel the neddle!I usually hate needles so I was really scared but it was really ok so I was surprised with myself. The ring I got was so cute, it was a silver ring with a clearish yellow ring on it. The whole thing only took about 5 min. The longest part was sitting there afterwards because if you get up to fast you could pass out or something. It has only been a few days but it is ok so far and It is healing nicely. I am so happy I got my navel pierced. If you are thinking of getting yours done, dont be scared it doesnt hurt and I am a wimp so anyone can do it. It was so cute, and I will always remember the time I got it done and how it felt.(how you are so scared then you get calmer than you are so excited that you got it done, you also have this like adriline rush thing going for you)Absoulte answer some questions after I went through with it.A.P told me that it wouldnt hurt and that it hurts less than your ears also that it takes about 3 mon.to completely heal but it depends on your body. After you pierce it you wash it later with antibacterial soap and a q-tip to get into the navel better. Then you just rinse it out. It doesnt harm the body either. You can still play sports with them too. All you have to do is if its a contact sport such as soccer you put a patch over it and tape it so that it doesnt get ripped out. I play both volleyball and soccer with it and so far it doesnt effect me in any way. It doesnt hurt when i play either. It also didnt bleed when i got it done like some people. It was were easy and didnt hurt alot like I said before. All I felt was the forceps pinching my skin and thats it. Oh and afterwards getting the alcohol on it. But that doesnt hurt just stings a little like when you get a cut and you put peroxide on it. So overall it is not very painful. I know there alot of people that are like no you shouldnt get it done its bad, but mine has helped me be a little more outgoing and not worry so much about what people think of what I look like. I think it was a very possible that it has helped me in a way. If you live anywhere near Bloomington or Normal Illinois I think you should take the time to drive to Normal and go to Absolute piercings. They are friendly, kind, clean, and very understanding and sanitary. So if you are thinking but are really scared do not be. You can do it, it is not bad at all. So I just want everyone to know that it is cool and fun to do. :)If you have one for awhile too you can change the ring in it for different things if you want. Its so cool, its like having another place to wear jewelry. It is cool to play with when you get bored too. You can get them on top, bottom, the right side and the left side too. (I got mine on top) I was really nervous but when i got done I was really happy and excited. I like mine alot too. :) If you have any important information about them I should know please tell me. Thanks for reading mine. Sorry its long but I had to have a certain number of words. :) bye-bye


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Feb. 2000
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: I+dont+know+his+name
Studio: Absolute+piercings
Location: Normal%2C+IL

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