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There's nothing wrong with a big belly

n't been anywhere near thin since I was a really young child. All of the typical comments geared towards larger kids were thrown at me when I was young, making me very self-conscious about how I look. However, after I moved away from home to go to school, things started evolving. First, I was 18. That was the magical number that let me get body modifications without my parents' permission. Being the new college student, wondering how long before I was dirt poor, I started small with things like earrings. First came tragus piercings...done with a gun. I've read how this isn't a smart thing to do, however I had no problems with it. The back to the stud wasn't put on, so there wasn't any tightness, and a CBR was put in a week later. I saw it work for me, and not work for someone else, so I can't specifically recommend a gun to anyone. After getting a tattoo and a tongue ring, I was thinking about what next to do. I've always liked the look of a 4-part compass piercing for the navel, yet thought my belly was too big. It's not huge, but there are some folds to it. I was walking with a friend down Telegraph Ave and mentioned it to her, and how I was thinking of going ahead and getting one done. For some reason, this excited her, and she said we should go get it done then and there. Having no will power for my mod addiction, especially when it's fed by someone else's enthusiasm, I agreed. We walked into Zebra, where I also got my tongue and tattoo done, and I started getting anxious. Before getting my tongue, I did a lot of reading to see how much it hurt, what to expect, etc. so I wasn't nervous for that one. However, because I thought I didn't have the body for the navel piercing yet, I hadn't done much research. I picked out my jewelry and waited to head back into the piercing room. The friend that was with me had her navel pierced before and she said it didn't hurt, but that wasn't the case for me. Never ever tense up for a piercing. I don't know if I was trying to soak in my gut (foolish, I know) or what, but it hurt tremendously. I think I have a high pain tolerance level, yet it still hurt like a bitch. The nice, cold soda given to me felt very nice up against the piercing. That was about 3.5 months ago, and all that's left to heal is the outer parts of the piercing. After getting another tattoo, I decided to go for more piercings. It seems like everytime I need some happiness in life, I go get my ears pierced. That, and I was going nuts at the small area between two of my holes. After I got that done, I told my friend (the same as before) that she was to not let me get my navel done again that day. 3 holes in one day just seemed like too much. Yet, the moment I told her not to let me, I started to really want to do it. My first navel was healing pretty nicely by this point, and it just seemed right. So, back into Zebra we go where I get anxious again at the thought of that much pain. And that's where my paranoia started kicking in. I had never really thought about the idea of jewlery growing out of a body. However, because I don't have a "lip" on the lower part of my navel, they warned me that there was a 50/50 chance that the barbell would grow out. My first reaction was downset because I really wanted to get it done, but I knew I couldn't "waste" money. The girl behind the counter took me to go ask the piercer his opinion, and he was also honest about the likelihood of it coming out. I am too stubborn for my own good, and decided to go ahead and do it. Being about fourth in line, my nervousness and fear started growing. I don't know if I would have wussed out if my friend hadn't been there. I trust the people at Zebra (they all know me, which I find strange, but comforting) though, and when my number came up, I went back into the room shaking. As I laid down on the dentist chair they perform piercings on, I tried to figure out how to control my fear. I gripped my shirt, but then that ended up being in the piercer's way, so I just held on tightly to the chair. The needle went through, and I scooted up the dentist chair so far, I'm amazed it worked. Pefectly straight, even with my attempt to fly away. The jewelry went in and I lay there for a few moments, amazed at how it hadn't hurt much at all. We stayed in Zebra for a bit more because my friend couldn't resist getting pierced, so she got her eyebrow. Her parents don't know yet and she needs lots of luck for when they find out crosses her fingers and asks anybody reading this to do so too It's been a month since my second navel, and I'm quite happy. It hasn't migrated at all, from what I can tell. It seems to be healing better than my top one because I've hit my belly before with things, and the top one hurts whereas the bottom one doesn't. The way my belly folds up when I sit makes it so the top ball on the top piercing and the bottom ball on the bottom piercing hit each other, almost hiding both. There's a certain level of confidence that has been added to my esteem since I've gotten these piercings. I don't mind people seeing my belly anymore, and I always laugh when they try to figure out how many piercings there are actually are in it and guess large numbers. Now, I just need to decide if I'd rather get two more navel holes to finish the compass at once, or my nipples... ..Too many holes to get, too little money to pay for them all...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Feb. 2000
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: errr...forget+his+name+%28sorry%21%29
Studio: Zebra
Location: Berkeley

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