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Why is a guy with a belly button so strange?

here is how my whole belly button experience started, not really that exciting of a story but interesting nonetheless. About 3 days after Christmas 1999 I had been itching for a piercing. While I was joking around with my friends that day, I said "I'll get my belly pierced." Never hearing of a guy with this done, they live sheltered lives afterall, they were making bets on if I'd actually get it done. I put it to the back of my mind, but about a week later, I was near my piercing shop (Hellion House) and that craving came to my mind again. Now being no stranger to body mods, I have two eyebrow piercings, a tongue ring and a tatoo, I was determined to prove my pals wrong, so I decided to look into the piercing. I choose Hellion House in Oakland (Pittsburgh) Pa to get it done, as this is where I have had all my body art done. The staff is friendly, the shop is clean, and the have an unmatched reputation. My brother and I headed down to the shop (about a 20 minute drive), parked, and went to up the stairs to the shop. Brain (I think that is his name, I always forget) was inside looking at a new shipment of jewlery and stood up and greeted me. He asked me how my tongue was and we talked a little before he asked me what I wanted done today. I told him I wanted my belly button done, so he gave me the bead box, I picked out a green 4mm that matched my other beads, and gave it to him. I filled out the forms and he walked me to the back and started prepping me for the piercing. He opened up a pulled out a new 12ga cbr and asked if it was the size I wanted. After telling him I was happy with the size, he asked the usual questions about allergies and such. Cleaning my belly with iodine then wipeing it clean, he pulled out his marking pen and marked my button where he was going to pierce it, I looked at the mark in the mirror and was happy with the placement. We then started the procedure. He opened a clean needle, put on latex gloves, and clamped my belly with sterilized clamps. All of this was done in front of me so I know that the instruments, jewlery, etc is sterile and safe. There was a small amount of pain as the needle went through, then I looked down and saw the needle kind of hanging there. It is strange to see, as most of my piercings are done out of my view. Brain ? then took the ring, placed it on the end of the needle, and then fed it through the hole. After placing the bead I picked out, he clamped the ring shut and I was done. I got up and sat in the shop awhile talking with brain and the rest of the employees, they are extremely friendly. Brain gave me instructions on aftercare and I got my brother and we went to get some food, just to make sure I wasn't going to get dizzy from lack of food. I didn't have any problems standing or walking, which is always a good thing. The only discomfort I had was the seat belt in my car pressing against me, but I moved and fixed that. Overall, the pain was the same pinch that accompinied every piercing I have had so nothing unbearable. If someone wants to get it done, I would say it is the least risky as far as parental dissaproval. Healing, to date has been normal for a piercing. There was a small amount of discomfort at first, with a little redness aroun the hole. This has gone down, and I have kept up the cleaning with bactine and epson salt baths. So far I have not had discharge from the puncture, and I have had good response on the appearence of it. It takes a while to learn to avoid that area, and others (especially my gf) have tendency of bumping it. Aside from that, really no complaints so far. I have noticed that this piercing is alot more 'in the way' then my other ones, and sleeping, hugging, anything else done with contact to the area are sometimes set back while I adjust to the new piece. The 12ga ring is a little thicker then most people get (usually a 14ga) but it looks good and have some volume to it. While I was getting pierced two younger females came in with their father to get their belly's done and they watched my procedure from the waiting room. I guess it doesn't look to painful because they still got theirs done.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Jan. 2000
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Brian%3F
Studio: Iron+City+Ink%2FHellion+House
Location: Pittsburgh%2C+PA

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