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~My Navel Piercing~

wanted to get my belly button pierced for a long time. Last summer when i was 15 I began begging my mom to let me get it down. After about a month of begging we went to a studio where my neighbor had gone. When I got there they told me I had to be 16 even WITH a parent. I was sooo disappointed but i decided to wait. When I finally did turn 16 we called that same place back and they informed us they were no longer piercing minors at all. They did suggest another studio but when we went there and my mother found out about all that you have to do to heal navel piercings she said I would have to wait 3 weeks until we returnedn from our cruise because I couldn't go swimming when I first got it. I was so pissed at her but I agreed with her and decided to wait. Besides, the piercer at that place was a little odd.. When we did return I found a studio that seemed clean and I liked the piercer. ~The Piercing~ I was really nervous about getting it done, but I knew that I would just regret it if I backed out. & Anyway, I already had the barbell. Well when my boyfriend, my mom and I arrived at the studio I was kind of freaking out. The piercer was piercing another woman's belly button so I had to wait before I talked to her. When the other lady was finished I looked at her belly button and it had already started to swell and a little and it was red so that kind of worried me. Well I gave the piercer my jewerly and she said she needed to sterilize it so we went and got a soda and came back about 20 min later. We walked back to her station and she marked my navel and told me to see if it was okay. I kept thinking it wasn't centered so she had to keep marking me over and over again. When we were all finally satisfied she told me to lie down on the bed kind of thing. At this point I was like shaking and my heart was beating really fast.I was holding my boyfriend's hand really hard. First she cleaned my belly button with some stuff and wiped it off then she told me she was putting the clamps on. I've heard that these hurt but I felt NOTHING. I thought she was having trouble with them because I was expecting PAIN!!! Then she told me to breathe in & out really deeply and while I breathed out she pushed the needle through. I did not watch her do any of this. I never even saw the needle. It hurt like a really hard pinch for a second. I didn't want to look down and see that needle sticking through my stomach. After a second she told me she still had to put the jewelery in. I didn't feel her putting the jewerly through and then she told me she was done. I was sore so I didnt want to sit up but when I saw it I thought it was soo cute. I was scared to walk normally and my mother and my boyfriend kept telling me to stop walking so stupid, but I was afraid to move it at all! My mom says she thinks its dumb but I think she likes it =). After the piercing, Claudia gave me the papers about after care and sea salt soaks. She also told me about taking vitamins and zinc supplements to aid in the healing. We paid her and then went to get lunch. Afterwards, we went to the store to buy the soap and salt for my piercing. It didn't hurt at all and wasn't even red like the lady before me. The jewerly I used was a 14ga curved barbell with an emerald jewel in it. The reason that I chose to use a barbell is because I heard that it heals faster then a ring and is easier to clean. It also doesnt get caught on things as easily as rings can. It has only been a day since I got it done so I can't say anything about my healing, but mine has not turned red at all and it never bled. It is a little sore right now but nothing tragic. The first time I washed it, it started to sting and I was paranoid that I didnt get all the soap out, but I guess everything is okay. If you are thinking about getting your navel pierced you should definitely do it!! Make sure that you check out the studio and that the piercer there can answer all of your questions because you should feel comfortable with the person putting a needle through you. I was so scared before I got mine done because I had heard horror stories about other people's experiences!! Well let me tell you that it was not as big a deal as I thought. Don't let the pain stop you. I'm not going to say that it didn't hurt but it is not like the worst pain I have ever felt. If you have any questions about getting your belly button pierced feel free to email me . I will write back ASAP. ~kate~


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Jan. 2000
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Claudia
Studio: Skin+Expressions
Location: El+Toro%2C+CA

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