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~~I am so glad I got it done!~~

some experience!!!! Hi! My name is Gwen, and I am 14 years old. I got my belly button pierced on September 4th 1999. I had really wanted my navel pierced, ever since 4th grade. My friend Amanda (hi hoochie!!) got hers done while she was at the beach, without me, which pissed me off. I was going to get mine done at the beach when she wasn't with me, but I didn't because she said she would be mad at me. So that pissed me off. Oh well, back to the piercing. After I found out that Amanda got hers done, I knew I had to have one too. My mom had said all along that I could get it done, because she is awesome like that(hi mom!!). So.....we looked in the phone book under "piercing" but there wasn't a section under that, so we looked in "tattoos" and found a whole bunch of places. We called the ones that were closest to us and called, but they wouldn't do it because I wasn't 16. We found a place, and called, and they said all I needed was a picture of me, proving that I was actually me. So we brought my year book. After a week of waiting, it was finally time!!!! I was so excited, of course Amanda came with me. On the way there, I was asking her a whole bunch of questions, and she told me to calm down. I was so nervous. When we got there, the butterflies were going crazy!! I had to sign a form about all of the basic stuff, and we had to pay before I got it done.(So if I chickened out, I wouldn't get my money backL) So the guy took me back to the room, and Amanda followed me, and Mike,(the piercer) said she couldn't come. But I said please, and he let her. He sat me down on a big silver chair, with all of these sparkles, it was really cool looking. He then put on his rubber gloves(they were purple) and open a long drawer, and got the materials he needed out. Amanda was next to me on a stool. I saw the needle, but it didn't freak me out, because Amanda told me what it looked like. It was long, and hollow. Then I saw my ring, it was a stainless steel captive bead ring, with a plain silver bead on it. I was kind of disappointed, because I wanted a curved barbell, or at least a different bead on the ring, but he said I would have to have a ring, because it was easier to clean.(which is really important, especially on a fresh pierce)He told me to lift up my shirt, so he could mark it. Actually, he looked at my belly a lot. Almost when I first walked in to the place he looked at it. He asked why it was red, and I said blushing because I was pinching it. He said everybody does that, and it would hurt less than that. He washed my belly ­button with a brownish-orangy stuff. He was really good about it, he got all around it, and way in it. He had me stand up one more time to make sure it was straight, and it was definitely straight. He then put the clamps on, which I didn't even feel. Everybody says they hurt, but they don't, they aren't even on tight. He made me lay in a really uncomfortable position, with my butt down as far as it could go with out sliding off the chair. I was kinda in a sitting/laying position both at the same time. He took the needle out of the sealed package, and held it at the bottom of my belly button. I was so scared at that point, but in a good kind of way. He told me to breath, and I squeezed Amanda's hand. He then told me he would do it on the next exhale. Inhale........exhale.......and it was done. I didn't even feel it! If he wouldn't have told me to look, I wouldn't have known he had pierced it!!!! That was the best part, looking down at my new pierced belly button!!! I couldn't believe it! He made me stay seated in the chair, because I was kind of in shock. He said tell him if I was going to throw up, but I was far from it!!! I was just kind of weak, because it was a huge adrenaline rush, and I was so surprised!! I bought a kit there to clean it ($10). The total cost was $60. After we left, we went to KFC (Kentucky fried chicken- for those of you who aren't familiar with it.) I ate a huge lunch, because I was so weak and stuff. If you want to get it done, DEFINETELY DO IT!!!!! It is so awesome, and you get lots of attention!!! But if that is the only reason you want it,don't get it done. You will be more happy, if you get it because you want to. I'm begging you to e-mail me if you have a question. Ask me as many things as you want, and I promise to answer them all!!!! In case my email address isn't on here, it is [email protected] Thanx!!!!
~ ~ ~ Gwen~ ~ ~


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Jan. 2000
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Mike
Studio: Wizard+and+Co.
Location: West+Chester%2C+PA

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