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Krystal's Navel Ring ~ December 27th, 1999

le over an hour ago, I was really nervous, waiting for that needle to be put through... I'd read almost every experience on BME (on navel piercing), and I had been wanting to go through with it for a while now. I just turned 16, and a few months ago I had asked my mom if I could do it. Of course, she said no... But then I asked again, and she didn't give me a straight answer, she just said, "They're cute". She kept sending me mixed signals, I think to maybe just shut me up, so I wouldn't keep asking about it. Finally she just told me, "Ask your father", since she probably thought that he would say no. On the day of my 16th birthday, I said, "Dad...could i pierce my bellybutton?". He didn't really know what to say, he was shocked, I think. He stared at me, and was like, "What would you want one of those things for?!", and I was like, "Fine, whatever..." And I dropped the subject. A few days later, my mother came to me and said, "Krys, your father said you could pierce your bellybutton if you really wanted to. He just said he won't pay for it, and he doesn't want to look at it...And this will be it, no pierced tongues, or anything else!" So I was really happy, and I wanted to go do it right away...But no, I had to wait until Christmas vacation. So finally Christmas came, and I found out that the place where I wanted it done accepted walk - in's or appointments. I just decided to "wing it". My mother and I decided to go shopping to the mall for a while, get something to eat, and then head over, because the shop opened at 12. We figured that we'd have plenty of time, and probably be the first ones over there. So we got there a little past 12, and go up to the door...and the sign says "Be back at One". Well, that kinda ticked me off, considering I had checked a thousand times to see what time they opened. My mother was annoyed too, but I think she was just nervous. So I thought we were going to head home, but instead we tried to kill time. My mother was crabby. I thought it was because we went all the way out there and they weren't open yet, but it was because she was worried about it getting infected. I only had my ears pierced, and one in my cartilige (which, by the way, hurt really bad - try sleeping on it!!). I was nervous, too, but no way was I turning back now. At one o'clock we went back, and there were already people in there. There was some guy with his parents who wanted his tongue pierced, and he had plenty of piercings already. I went in, and the guy at the counter asked me what I wanted to get. I told him, and he handed me a clip board with a form to fill out. My mom had to sign it, too, and show him her driver's license. Then he asked me to come with him to pick out my jewelery; A ring with a little purple/blue-ish bead, 14 - gauge. I sat back down to wait, because the guy in front of me was getting his tongue ring. A few teenagers came in, and were asking a bunch of questions about whether or not they needed their parents with them; They said yes, that they needed them there, and no, they cuold not confirm over the phone. They were a little mad, but there was a place not too far away that didn't need parental consent. They decided to go there, and left. Now it was my turn. The guy came out with his pierced tongue, he looked really happy, and he was playing with his tongue. So Rose came out, said, "Krystal?" and we went in the back room. She asked me if my mother might want to come in, so I asked her, and she came with me. We sat down while she got out her equipment, and she handed me some papers to read about aftercare. She asked me if I had any questions, and I didn't. So she showed me my needle, my jewelery that I had picked out earlier...Everything was all set. I had to check out another form, that said that I agreed that I had seen my needle be opened in front of me, etc. After that was done, she told me to lie back on the table, and roll up my shirt. She took some pins to hold up my shirt so it wouldn't get stained,a nd she cleaned my bellybutton. Then i stood up so she could mark me, she told me to look straight ahead, and not to look down at her. Then we went back to the table, and I had to lie down again. She told me that she was putting on the clamps, that she wasn't piercing me yet. They pinched, they were uncomfortable...but you deal with it. Then she laughed and said, "You know, anticipation is what makes this whole thing scary, isn't it?". I had to agree, I just wanted it done with. So then she told me take real deep breathes, and I was on breath number two, when she put the needle through. Yes, it hurt. I don't like needles, but it's over so fast that you really don't even notice. It helps if you know what's going on, and I read up on them before I even thought about going to get mine done. Then she said that she was putting in the jewelery, and that it might hurt a litte. It wasn't bad. Then the bead went on, and that didn't hurt at all, either. The most uncomfortable part was the clamp, they pinched, and the needle (obviously)...But it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Right now, it doesn't even hurt at all. I don't think it bled either, but it's a little sore. For everything, it cost $47.00. I think it was because I chose a "satin" bead, or something. It costs $3.00 to get a bead changed, and you can get that done as often as you want, but I like my bead color, so I'm all set for awhile. If anyone is near the Worcester County area, definately go to Rose. Her place is ~ VERY ~ clean, and professional, and it makes you a lot less nervous. Rose is very nice, too. If anybody has any questions, just let me know~! Krys~*


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Jan. 2000
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Rose+Pulda
Studio: Miraculous+Creations
Location: Worcester%2C+Massachusetts

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