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My brand new navel piercing

he past few months prior to the big 1-8 birthday, I started to obsess over what I would do to "consummate" the coming into adulthood. I decided to register to vote, obviously, buy cigarettes even though I don't smoke, buy lotto tickets (won $11!), and pierce my belly button, since it's been something I've wanted to do since I was maybe 14 or so. Obviously, my Mom told me she'd take no part in it until I was 18 and I could go through with it on my own. So, that's what I did. My sister drove me out to New Haven where Studio Zee is located. She had gotten her eyebrow pierced there last year, so she knew it was a reputable place to go. It was a very well-lit, spacious, clean environment. I even made a comment to my sister about the way it smelled "clean," like antiseptics or something. Everybody there was very friendly, and very helpful. It was like a party in the waiting room, since there were others waiting to be tatooed or pierced. Everyone was talking about what they were getting done, and comparing past experiences. I was extremely nervous, which is normal, but at the same time really excited to do it. I made it out to be this huge big deal, and I'm kind of glad that I did, because if I didn't make a big deal out of it and take it seriously than I shouldn't even have done it. I signed a form, let them photocopy my license, and within less than 5 minutes, Amanda, the Piercer, called my name and led me into a small room. She was very cool about the whole thing. She told me it didn't hurt very much at all and that it wouldn't be such a popular procedure if it did. She explained that she has done many navel piercings and occasionally people freak out and faint, but only if they "haven't eaten in like two days." She cleaned the area out while I looked up, trying to avoid looking at the needle. I noticed her humorous comics on the walls, probably there purposely to lighten the moods of the piercees. She also had some action figures (still in their original packages) tacked up on the wall. I was comforted, too, to see that her whole face was pierced in every area of it. Therefore, I knew she has experienced being a "piercee" herself. So, I was standing up and she explained everything she was doing, showed me all the sterile tools she used, and we even had a little small-talk (she's a Psych major at Yale...who knew?). After marking the area, she let me see if it looked even, which it did. She then did the notorious "clamping." She showed me the instrument, which is basically what it sounds like, only me, being the piercing virgin I am, thought it was circular, but it is actually triangular. I was still standing when she clamped the top flap of skin on my navel. I didn't really feel it. It just felt like someone was pulling on my skin a little. She then told me to sit on the chair in back of me, with my butt resting on the edge of the chair but leaning backwards so my neck was resting on the top of the chair. I was not at all uncomfortable, even though I wasn't in the standard "dentist office chair." She told me to take some deep breaths and tell her when I was ready for her to do "it." I told her it was okay, after staring at the ceiling and kind of gathering myself. She then told me to take 2 deep breaths in and out, and on the second, she kind of breathed with me and pierced my navel at the same time. I felt a burning sensation, no different than when I pierced my ears 5 years ago. I felt a huge rush of relief and was on cloud nine. I can't believe how relatively painless it was. She then used pliers to fasten it, and I got a good look at it - it was adorable. She explained the cleaning procedures, and gave me a booklet. I paid her ($42.40, plus a $10 tip) and went into the waiting room where my sister was. She thought it looked awesome, and couldn't believe how quick it was. I am extremely glad I did it...it's good to get pretty nervous beforehand, because you basically get all worked up over nothing, and when you're done, you are on this incredible adrenaline high. It's worth it. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. Since I just got this done today, I have no clue what my individual healing process will be like. Also, visit www.studiozee.com so you can see where to go for piercings and tatoo work, if you live in the New Haven County/Fairfield County area of CT. Later~!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Jan. 2000
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Amanda
Studio: Studio+Zee
Location: New+Haven%2C+CT

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