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Christmas present for myself

en having a stressful few months at work, and had finished all my Christmas shopping and wrapping in time to get ready to visit the inlaws ... which meant I was looking forward to more stress in the days to come! For the past few months, I'd been considering getting my navel pierced, but hadn't had a lot of free time to do anything but a little web-surfing on the subject. (Luckily there is a lot of good information out there, like on this site, the rec.bodyart newsgroup FAQ and some of the piercing studio websites.) Having a day off before we were supposed to leave, I ran some errands in the morning, and decided to visit the Esoterik Body Art studio in the afternoon ... (From word-of-mouth, and noticing that Rick Gilmour was the only Calgary piercer listed in the rec.bodyart FAQ, I figured Esoterik was the first place I'd check out.) I told myself that I would just look at the studio, ask some questions ... I wouldn't make an appointment or anything if I didn't want to. I didn't want to put too much pressure on myself. Nonetheless, I made sure to carry a bottle of orange juice in my purse, just in case! (It's a good idea to eat or drink something sweet after getting pierced.) On the way to the studio, I found I was really nervous, almost as bad as I was the day I got my tattoo! I was thinking about whether or not I should go through with it or not, and thought "It's probably not very smart to get your belly-button pierced the day before a long car trip ..." and I started laughing. As if you get your navel pierced because it's the SMART thing to do! For the last while, between work and Christmas preparations, I'd been spending my time and money doing things for others, I figured that maybe today I might do something just because I wanted to! When I arrived at Esoterik, Rick was at the front desk, and he answered my questions in a friendly, knowledgeable way. I had heard that not all navels can (or should) be pierced, and he looked at mine and said that my navel was suitable for piercing. He explained all the safety measures he takes for piercings, including using disposable needles, and having everything sterilized in an autoclave (which is checked regularly). He immediately put me at ease, and since I figured I was already nervous, (and he was available) I might as well go through with it right then and there!
The piercing room was clean and organized, Rick handled everything with good sterile technique (I was a microbiologist at one point, so I watched carefully!) and explained everything clearly. I chose a curved barbell for my jewellery as I've heard that navel piercings heal faster with a curved barbell than with a ring. Rick checked my navel while I was standing and also while I was reclining, and cleaned and disinfected the area around my navel throughly. He talked me through each step. The actual piercing hurt a lot - for about 5 seconds! After that, even as the jewellery was being inserted, the pain ebbed away, and for the rest of the day it didn't really bother me at all. I didn't see any blood (not that I watched the actual piercing), and I was surprised to see that it looked pretty good even right after the procedure. It's only been a week since I got my piercing, but I am very happy with it! I did have to invest in some soft cotton pants/skirts that are low-waisted, and don't irritate my navel when I am seated ... Cotton Ginny and Au Coton are good places to go in Canada for these items. It seems to be healing well at the moment, it's a little pink around the top edge of the piercing but not painful or anything - I am being pretty careful with it though. (I am following the aftercare suggestions given to me - salt water treatments and saline rinses for my piercing, as well as taking vitamin C, E and trying to eat well and get exercise and enough rest. I make sure to sleep in a long, clean t-shirt to protect my navel, and I try not to let my clothes irritate it.) I will recommend Rick to any of my friends who are considering getting pierced, and I'd go back to him for any future piercings of my own (maybe an ear cart ring once the navel heals up ...?). My inlaws are pretty conventional people, so while we stayed with them, I concealed my new accessory ... and realized that when you wear long baggy shirts and loose cotton pants you could give the impression that you might be pregnant! (I think/hope a couple of glasses of wine dispelled THAT suggestion ...) Through some of the more boring or stressful times of the holiday, I'd think about my secret pierced navel, and it would make me smile ... But now I'm glad I'm back in Calgary and can show it off!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Jan. 2000
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Rick+Gilmour
Studio: Esoterik+Body+Art
Location: Calgary%2C+Alberta

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