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My lol ol' 14 year-old Navel

t, let me tell you a bit about myself. I'm 14 years old and the only piercing I had before navel was a double ear piercing. I play the guitar and sing in my little rock band, chute. I have brown hair and blue eyes and i'm about six feet (dont laugh, it's not my fault). I love body modification, and I want to get my tongue pierced, and I want a tatoo of my name written in chinese on my back (like amya from the REAL WORLD Hawaii), and a taurian sign on my ankle There were many things in my head when I wanted a body piercing. I didn't care what one I had. I loved all of them. I had two friends who really wanted one too. They're parents were going to let them get it done, so my mother agreed (oh yea... after months and months of begging.). But the only thing he would let me get done was my navel, because she didn't want anything on my face or anything "nasty" So that was it. Me and my two friends all were going to get navel piercings. A week later, my friends got them done. Each got their navel with a 14 ga ring. They said that the piercer didn't let them pick the rings, or they would have all gotten barbells. I was kinda pissed that I didn't go, but my mother was trying to convince ME not to get it done, and besides... I didn't have enough money. When I finally got the money all togeather, I made an appointment for 8:45 PM on a tuesday night. Me, my mom, and my friend Ellen all drove up there at about 8:30 and got there just on time. This particular salon was in an old apartment building. So when we got there and went up to the door, they had to buzz us in to let us in. There were tons of little rooms in this place. There were three tanning beds and two piercing rooms. The walls were painted a green colour and there were pictures of spermis and eggies on the walls. My mother was more nervous then I was. There were two girls there ahead of us waiting to get their tongue pierced, but because it was night time, there was nobody there. The piercee's daughter was at the desk watching buffy the vampier slayer. She was just talking to us about the piercing process and showed us her navel hole and tongue ring (she was fifteen, that lucky bitch!) and said they didn't hurt at all. I believed her, even know I was scared as SHIT. We were waiting for the piercer, Karen, to get there. She was running late and she was the only piercer that worked there. The rest of the place was a tanning salon. When she finally got there she pierced the other girl's tongue and then it was my turn. We signed all the leagal shit and then she lead me into the little room. THE PIERCING: First she told me to lift up my shirt and tuck it under my bra so she could work better. Then she marked the site. Here's how she claims you're suppose to get it in the middle. You put your hands one each side of your belly button horizontally and you squeez it and then your belly button will push togeather making this line shape and then you go about 1 cm from the bottom of the top of your navel and thats where you're suppose to mark it. So that's what she did, and it looks pretty damn even to me. Then she pulled clams and said "this is the part that hurts the most" and she held out my skin. Then she told me to look up and she rammed the needle into my stomach. AND I SWARE TO GOD ON MY LIFE THAT IT DIDN'T HURT. The turth is (and this is what everyone says) is that all you feel is pressure during piercings. The only problem was that it bled like hell and that wasn't too good. But by the time I got up the next morning it was all okay. I love my navel piercing, and today i'm going to change it to this pretty looking barbell. Well now that I have my navel pierce, i'm waiting for my mother to recover from Chirssy and then i'll get my tongue pierce or my libret. I'm not sure, but I think this time i'll have to do it by myself. If you're thinking of getting your navel done, DO IT! It doesn't hurt (well, I didn't think it did) and it looks pretty cool after. Thanks for reading My LIL OL' NAVEL... now where's my free membership?!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Jan. 2000
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Karen
Studio: The+Bronzen+Gallory
Location: Woburn%2C+Mass

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