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Getting My Belly Button Pierced

the summer after 9th grade and I was 15. I had wanted my navel pierced
since I was about 12 years old, but my mom had always said NO. Then she
offered me a deal: If I could get honors all year in 9th grade then I could
get it done.

... Well.... I'm not the greatest student so.. yeah.. I didn't get honors at ALL the entire year.. so she said NO...

  1. But then oppurtunity knocked. I went to Wildwood, NJ with my boyfriend and a bunch of our friends, including Bill who was 18. I made plans with BIll for him to take me to get my navel pierced and he agreed. That night we all went to the boardwalk and looked for a nice place to do it... but every place we went to wanted a PARENT, not an 18 year old friend.. but FINALLY we found a place. I was sooo anxious. I had butterflies in my stmoach. Bill came with me into the back room and I laid down in the chair. I busied myself by looking at the other kinda of piercings available. Some of them amused me, I mean,
    PRINCE ALBERT?? THAT HAS TO HURT!!!!!!!!!!Finally the guy came back, and I
    must say he was mighty attractive. We talked for a couple minutes about
    general crap like where we were from and other stuff. He was french but he
    looked spanish, whatever he was, he was gorgeous. He traveled al around the
    world doing piercings. HE had even gone to some of the same places in Spain
    that I had just visited. Anyway, small talk was over and it soon cam time to
    complete that task at hand.... Being me (I HAVE NO THRESHOLD FOR PAIN, I flip out when I get blood taken) I got all nervous and started asking stupid
    questions like: "Umm is that needle clean? Are you SURE? Well, how much does
    it hurt? More than getting blood drawn?? More than a shot??" I think the guy
    wanted to smack me. He assured me that everything was clean, and he even
    showed me a board of health certificate that REALLY assured me it was safe.

I'm just paranoid I guess... So finally I shut up and laid back and he
clamped me. I decided to get a bar through the bottom half of my belly button because the guy said that that was unusual and not as many people had it. So he took out that big fat hollow needle and stuck it through me. OH MY GOD! I swear I almost cried, but I'm I wimp. It just seemed like he went so SLOW, and I kept squirming and he told me to stop. FINALLY the needle was through, but now he had to pull the earring through too. It wasn't as bad as the needle but it still hurt like a bitch. Anyway, after that 1 minute or so that felt like an hour it was done. And it didn't hurt anymore. I have to say it was TOTALLY worth it. My boyfriend loves it :)

.. WELL everything worked out perfectly, except for when I got home and my mom saw it, ut it was the dumbest way that I gave it away. The store gave me a paper on how to care for it and I put it in my pocket. I forgot all about it and my mom did the wash and found it. I swear I must be the biggest moron in the world... Anyway...she grounded me for 3 months, but revoked the grounding the next day.. and she's not mad at all anymore.. I think she kinda likes it!

It healed pretty good too. It still bleeds sometimes if i pull on it really
hard or when I change the earring. I've had about 3 different earrings in it: A sliver bar, another bar with a dangly butterfly, and a silver hoop with a black ball. I just can't wait until next summer when I can' wear a bkikini and show it off to everyone!

~~ If you are thinking about getting your navel pierced... DO IT! ~~ IT'S TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!!

~Oh yeah, be watching for my photo posted soon, I'll be sending it in a couple weeks!!

~~IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS COMMENTS OR SUGGESTIONS OR JUST WANT TO TALK FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME OR INSTAND MESSAGE ME AT LAURYN214@AOL.COM!!!!!~~ Oh yeah, if anyone has gotten their tongue pierced, PLEASE tell me about it. I want it really badly.. even though my boyfriend says it's gross and threatens to break up with me if I get it done (I think he's bluffing, he'll like it) So yeah, tell me EVERYTHING, like did it hurt? How much? Tips for getting it done? Advice? Procedure? Caring for it??


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2000
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Bruno
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Location: Wildwood+NJ

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