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Age 14- Begged Parents and Thats how i got my Navel piercing

my navel pierced about 2 months ago. I really wanted a body piercing, so I BEGGED my parents. At first my dad freaked out and he was like "No WAY" But he doesnt live with me, so I could still beg my mom and I was pretty sure she would give in after a while, especially since my friends Jade and Jennie were also given permission from their parents to get theirs done. And she did. I just begged her and I said that she wouldnt even have to watch me get it, because Jades mom was taking us. So finally she gave in. This was in September, the end of september, and september is my birthday month.I had had my birthday a week or so before this, and I had gotten around $80. I had to spend $5 of it! on my navel piercing!!!I think %75 is pretty steep, but there was NO where else I could get it done, there were no places around where we live.So i had ONE birthday present...a navel piercing. but i guess it was worth it.When we went to get it done, we went all together in Jades moms car. But when we got there, we were late, and it had closed. So the next day each of our parents had to take us. I thought we werent going to get it until the next weekend, all of us together, but then when Jade called me from her moms car phone I answered the phone and she was screaming she said "Carol! Guess what?? I just got my belly button pierced!" and i was like "your mom took you today?" and she said "yeah!" so then i hung up with her and asked my mom if we could go today and she said she would take me in an hour. When we got there, I was nervous, and My friend Nikki who I talked to on the phone said she would meet me down at the gallery to watch me get it done. Her dad was good friends with the piercer, Karyn. I got there, and I had to fill out a form with my name, age, etc. and my mother had to show her license. Then I went into a small room where Karyn chose a small ring with a bead for my navel. Before she pierced me, I asked her a couple of questions. First I asked if it would hurt. And she took the clamp she was going to use and squeezed my finger with it. She said that was how much it would hurt. And she was pretty much right. Karyn herself has a lip piercing, not exactly ON her lip but above the top one, a navel piercing, and also a tongue piercing. I didnt even notice her tongue piercing until I found out she had one. I also asked her if it would bleed. She said, no there might be a tiny bit of blood but it would not bleed excesively or even close to that. She told me to tuck my shirt up, and I did. She explained what she was going to do. She took a small tongs-like clamp and clamped the top of my belly button. Then she took this needle(which looked pretty big) and just jammed it through.Thats the only part that hurt. And it killed but only for a few seconds. The needle was still in, then she slid it through a little more and there was a tube on the top of it, where she put the end of the ring inside the tube, and pulled it through and then the put the bead on the ring and used pliers to keep the bead on the ring.My navel did not bleed, but there was a little redness, which went away in about an hour. She told me to buy some Salene to clean it, all that you need to do is get a can of Salene and spray some on a little QTip and clean inside your belly button, and the ring and the hole.I couldnt believe that I had it done. It didnt hurt anymore, and it hasnt hurt at all since I got it. The same ring is still in it now, Ive had it in for about 2 months, but I want to get a barbell. Jade and I got our navels pierced about a half hour apart, but Jennie had to wait 2 weeks, when her mom could take her to get it. We all have rings in right now but we want to get curved barbells. Right now we all want a tonuge piercing too! Jade and Jennie claimed that their piercing procedure didnt hurt at all, but that may be because my skin is more sensitive then theirs or something. Because mine DID hurt. Only for a few seconds, but it still hurt. I have been thinking about getting a DOUBLE navel piercing, another one but I think that one on the bottom is kind of stupid, and the piercing in my navel now is in the middle, so i cant get one on the side that will look stupid and I dont want to get one on Both sides of this one, not at once, anyway.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2000
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Karyn
Studio: Bronzing+Gallery
Location: Woburn%2C+Massachusetts

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