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I GOT MY NAVEL PIERCED!!!!! YAYYYY!!!!!!!!!! :-)

ere! :-) I'm a 14 year old girl from CANADA!!! And this morning I GOT my BELLYBUTTON pierced! Yeah! :-) I think it looks SOOOOOO great and NICE!!!! I have an addiction when it comes to piercings! I seem to love the pain! :-) I have 10 in all, including my nose, which I got last year, and my eyebrow, which I got done this past month! I originally got it done about a month and a half ago, except that it started to reject, so I got it redone! Everyone thought that the only reason I got it redone was for the pain :-) I guess that is part of it :-) I have a barbell in there now and I LOVE it :-) It all started back when I got my nose pierced for the heck of it :-) And since then, WHEW! I'm obsessed! Who knows what I'll get pierced in the future!;-) I was thinking maybe nipples? or maybe..... k, I'll be quiet ;-) Well about a month ago, I wanted to get a tribal tattoo on my lower back SOOOOO bad! It was perfect! My parents had even finally approved it and we were planning on making it sorta like a Christmas present, cuz it was quite alot of money! But when my mother phoned to make an appointment, THEY WOULDN'T DO IT! Even under my parents' permission! We phoned around everywhere and they all said the same!! They said that I'm too young and I'm still growing, so if I got a tattoo, it would stretch! SO I guess I'll have to do it when I'm 18! I'll get a nice, black, big-ass one on my lower back! :-) Anyways, I had no choice but to get another piercing :-) And I didn't mind one bit!! I was thinking of getting my toungue pierced, but mom didn't like that idea, so I decided on the navel cuz like, all guys seem to find it sexy, and I think it makes a stomach look soo nice! So my mom made an appointment and I was soo happy! :-) Except it was early in the morning so I had to get up early, and plus, the studio was out of town and it takes an hour to get there from where I live, but that was okay :-) So the next morning, I ended sleeping in a little, which made me in a total rush! I quickly got ready, got my sister up (she was driving me) and hopped in the car. We got there a little later than the appointment, but we were okay :-) Phew! I told the guy who I was and he told me to sit down until the piercer was done tattooing this guy :-) All the people working there already knew who I was cuz I've been there soo many times! :-) Finally, I was ready to go :-) I was sooo excited because getting a piercing always makes me feel this way! I wasn't nervous whatsoever because I knew what I was in for, and I KNEW I'd LOVE it :-) I walked in the room and the piercer told me to pull my shirt up a little bit so she could mark it and clamp it. She marked it and told me to hold the clamps and lay in the dentist chair thing :-) I did and she pulled out the needle and told me to take a deep breath! I WAS SOO EXCITED!! :-) I felt the needle poke through my bellybutton!! It hurt, and I totally loved it :-) Then I felt some tugging and in went the 16ga ring that I picked out :-) She put the bead on and I got out of the chair and looked in the mirror. IT WAS GREAT!!!! :-) I got the hugest smile on my face and I swear the piercer was like "Man! She's crazy!" cuz I am like soo obsessed with piercings! :-) She put this gauze stuff on it and put some surgical tape over it to keep it in place so that the fresh piercing wouldn't get irritated :-) We paid the $45 Canadian and left :-) My new piercing seems to be healing extremely well! It's a little red, but man! That's like totally normal :-) It hasn't been too sore or anything :-) SO, basically, I LOVE MY NAVEL PIERCING!!!! :-) If any of you are considering getting one, DO it! :-) It's SOO worth it! :-) And it's in a place where it doesn't get ripped out easy or anything! Unlike the face! If like, you have any questions on anything to do with any piercings! Ask me!!!! :-) Ask ME literally ANYTHING :-) I'd love to answer :-) I'll give you all the advice you want... :-) XXADELEXX


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2000
in Navel Piercing

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