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14th Birthday What Do I want? *Belly Button Pierced!!*

my 14th birthday, (I know I'm young!) and all that I wanted was my belly button pierced. It was, of course the new "trend" in school and everyone had it done and I just felt like I needed to get it done too. My mom and my best friend at the time drove down to Main Street to go to the Inkhouse, being the idiot that I am when they asked my age I said "14" and of course you had to be 16 to get it done. It was already late so my mom didn't want to go anywhere else that day at least. The next day when mom got home from work we drove to Jimi's Tattoos, the whole way there I was thinking it's going to hurt so bad, I don't wanna do it, but of course we HAD to. When we got out of the car I was so scared! There was no one in the waiting room just a bunch of who you could call regulars there hanging out talking to Jimi.Another worker came out and handed me some forms to fill out, asking my birthday and I totally had to do the math in my head to figure out when my birthday had to be if I was 17, it worked though I said I was born September 15th (My real birthday) 1982. My mom had to fill out a form also, giving her permission and I guess saying she was my guardian and all that. They called me into a little room with a huge window so anyone whose anyone could watch me get it pierced. He sat me down and I was already getting scared when we were going over the healing procedures. They laid me down and told me to roll down my pants a little past my pubic line. He marked it with a purple marker on the top and let me look at it and "OK" the spot. He told me that he would count down to when he was going to actually pierce me and I said ok, please do that. I grabbed my friends hand and squeezed it and looked at her as she was watching them do whatever they were doing. I felt a pinch and i squirmed but they told me "That's just the clamp, some people say that hurts more than the actual piercing." After that it was sore but didn't feel a thing when he started to count down "5..4..3..2..1 you're done!" Between the pinch and the time he got to 1 I felt nothing, turns out when he "said" it was the clamp it was the piercing! It was nothing, a little pain when it was done, I remember getting into the car and not being able to sit down because it hurt, i had to slide my seat down and kind of lay down to be comfortable but about 2 hours after that I ended up going to a party and it was fine the rest of the night! It took a while until I could actually turn it and everyone played with it while it was still sore but I didn't mind. I didn't clean it as often as I should have so I think it got a little infection cause stuff crusted onto the ring but after cleaning it for a week straight it was fine! Now I clean it about every week, I think I'm supposed to clean it more often but I'm pretty sure every week is fine. I love it too! Now I "fit it" LoL My friend on the other hand turned white as a ghost and ran out of that place faster than I've ever seen her run! She gagged and almost threw up, later she said that it was because she saw them jab the needle through and she watched the whole ting, turns out I took it a lot better then she had! Now that it's almost Christmas time, I think that I'm going to ask to get my tongue pierced!! That's what brought me to this sight I wanted to read about others experiences of getting their tongues pierced, my boyfriend has it done and said it didn't hurt but of course he's Mr. Tough guy, nothing hurts him. If anyone has any GOOD news they want to tell me about the UP sides of getting their tongue done please e-mail me I'm always open to listen! LoL Thanx! Q&A lol: How much did it hurt? To me it felt like a little pinch, I personally really did think it was the clamp because it just felt like something grasping my skin, not going all the way through, abut after it did hurt a little more then I expected but it was well worth it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2000
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Jimi+Fiorje
Studio: Jimi%27s+Tattoos+and+Body+Piercings
Location: Oxnard+California+%28Port+Hueneme%29

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