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Self-piercing bliss

been interested in piercing my navel for several years prior to actually doing it. I was a freshman nursing major and enjoying my newfound independance when I made the "poke" back in September 1993. Body piercing was just starting to really come into fashion, and I really didn't trust another person with sticking a needle through my body. My family was really conservative and completely opposed to my "piercing lust". My first real experience with piercing was when I was 5 years old. I had desperately wanted to have pierced ears. In fact, I was so desperate that I hid behind my mother's rocking chair and pierced my lobes with a hatpin! Of course it hurt and getting the earrings (some of my great-grandmother's earrings which were my favorites) in was absolutely awful!! But then again pain is NOTHING when one has a fetish for fulfilling a personal idea of beauty! I hid my ears from my mom, but one day at church she caught a quick glimpse and I was busted. She flew into a rage and told me that piercing my ears could cause gangrene and that I could die. Of course I tuned her out because I was so angry that my efforts to stay pierced were in vain. Finally, almost 5 years later, she gave in to my constant whining for pierced ears. They were pierced at the local Claire's boutique by some gum-snapping girl with a piercing gun. When my mom brought me in, the girl sneered at me and said "Well, she BETTER sit still for BOTH ears because you have topay full price no matter what!". I glared back at her. If only she knew how tough I was 5 years ago! I walked around the mall with the most amazing high after getting my ears pierced. Finally, almost 15 years after my first self-piercing experiment, I would pierce myself again. This time, it would be more of a professional and sanitary experience! I studied up on all the information I could find about piercing and was ready for the "poke"! All of my friends thought I was crazy for doing the piercing myself, but I did have one roomate who thought it was a cool idea and volunteered to help me out. I obtained several "tools" to use for clamping the skin from the school of nursing and carefully sterilized two of them (My previous job was working for my mother's small company that sterilized and packaged surgical implants). I finally decided to impale myself one evening and set up a sterile field to place all my equipment. I had an 18g niobium CBR with a black hematite ball, a 16g sterile-packaged needle, my clamp, several alcohol swabs, and some sterile saline. I swabbed off the navel area with the alcohol swabs, clamped the skin and made my "mark" with a purple felt-tip pen. My roomate was there to hold the clamp while I pierced and we each donned a pair of sterile neoprene surgeons gloves and took ahold of the needle (with shaky, sweaty hands...I was so nervous!). I touched the needle to the little purple mark and took two slow, deep breaths. When I took the third, I pushed the needle through the soft flesh and marveled at how quick the sting was over and that I now had a needle sticking through my belly button!! My CBR was already opened and ready so I placed one of the open ends into the hollow of the needle and pushed the needle out. My roomate grinned at me and congratulated me on such a fine new ornament. I didn't have the proper pliers, but I was able to manage closing the hoop with my trembling fingers (agony!! Ow, that hurt sooo bad!). The piercing looked lovely for about a month and then it rejected. I had it done professionally about 6 months later and it rejected again. Finally, in August 1996, I went to Spliff at Amused in West Lafayette, IN and got pierced AGAIN. I have now had that hoop in ever since, and took it out for the first time 2 months ago for my c-section. I've also pierced my own upper helix, tragus, and nose as well, but those piercings lost favor with me so I let them close over. I have also done several ear piercings on people I know who were willing "practice". I am currently a RN with pierced navel, lobes, cartilage and daiths (which inspired my sister Kellie to get a daith piercing. See the BME story "oh-my-daith"). Since finding RAB I have added a small tattoo and am contemplating another tat and some more piercings. I have considered getting properly "trained" in piercing technique, and recently have given it some more serious thought.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Dec. 1999
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: myself
Studio: Glenwood
Location: West+Lafayette%2C+IN

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